(Bug) Female voices for Males customization

Like the title says. I have only female voices for the male characters on security team. I asked other players ingame if they ever had this issue (I've actually had it since beta testing) and no one else seems to have it. I've verified cache and tried a reinstall but nothing worked. It seems to be a game related problem that I only have for some reason. Here is a link to a clip I made of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCLL_webJTA&feature=youtu.be

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Hey @Marshman220
Thanks for reporting this, we will investigate the issue. The video is very helpful!

New World Interactive

Could you please locate this directory (you can paste it into your file explorer):


Then remove these files:

Then try the same steps again as you did in the video if you will be able to reproduce the issue.

@jellyfoosh sorry for the earlier post about the same issue. I thought the first thread didn't post at all.

@arc This worked!! After removing the listed items, I loaded the game, went to the customization and now I have more options than before when I had the bug! Thank you so much! (Seriously, that really ruined my immersion to the game XD)

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