Driveshafts Not Working

Sorry, I know this is an old topic but I've been wondering about this.

So we don't need to model the shafts, but do we need empties and bones in the model for the transfer case outputs and axle inputs? Do we just place them where we want the shafts to line up?

Also is "SocketPointA" the Axle side or the Transfer Case side?

Nevermind, I figured it out.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

@JustaFordGuy Do you mind sharing it with us? I'm sure @wrangmog will apreciate it 🙂

Sure, It's a lot easier than I thought thanks to @Forces, I just looked at his code. 😁

Just add this to the trucks class .xml file: (it goes inside the <TruckData> section.

<Shaft SocketPointA="TF" SocketPointB="AF" />
<Shaft SocketPointA="TR" SocketPointB="AR" />

and add this to the trucks mesh .xml file:

<SocketPoint Name="AF" Pos="(1.76734;0.61222;0.20309)" />
<SocketPoint Name="TF" Pos="(0.71189;0.97644;0.34959)" />
<SocketPoint Name="AR" Pos="(-1.93354;0.61457;0.01348)" />
<SocketPoint Name="TR" Pos="(0.36159;1.06768;-0.00377)" />

AF is for axle front
TF is for transfer case front
AR is for axle rear
TR is for Transfer case rear

I just used the coordinates that put the ends of the shafts where I wanted them.

Here is what the shafts look like. I don't see a way to change the color but I think they look cool.


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@JustaFordGuy Thanks a lot. I'm feel like hard times are comming for me when I start with the coding part! lol.

what about a 1999 blazer how do I tell if the drive shaft is going.
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