Is this game still being updated?

Haven't heard a single thing from the devs since before Christmas. I understand that it takes a long time to update a game but a little communication and transparency from the devs would be nice.

It seems in February they promised to add 2 new maps and some new weapons.

+1 to this. NWI should put out a devblog if an update is taking longer than expected. The best I could find was a reply from a dev in the Steam forums:

“Last patch was December 21st 😕 Patience. Every patch needs a full testing and QA process.”

But don’t worry, they are working on the game, and will hopefully release a patch this week. There’s also an article from a month ago about their future plans that you can read here.

What I heard the next update is huge 🙂

@tooth-decay They said in the last dev video blog the update will come in Feb so nothing is delayed

@auxsiren Do you know where I can find that?

@sabaka34rus 2 maps and some weapons? Fix the fucking game.. Smh..

@planetcanada Fixing the fucking game is also on the list of priorities.

I hope there is some type of update soon.

I haven't been able to play a full coop match in nearly a week due to my game crashing at different times.

The game crashes less with Nvidia's previous GPU driver update and more so with the latest GPU driver update, but I am not sure if the crashes are linked to that.

Anyone else experiencing game crashes that cause any of the following?

++blackout the screen, freeze the game, disables mouse control in Windows (i.e. no control when Ctrl+Alt+Del to task manager)++

@dr-deep I had no crash so far on GTX 1060 6GB .. Im using older driver 390.77 (seems to be still best for my card) .. performance is OK for that card .. on 1440p ..

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thanks for the reply!

I am using GTX 1080 with current driver version 417.71. Also had problems with 417.35. Here is a screenshot of the crash report.

0_1547571548434_Sandstorm crash.PNG


Don't worry everyone, we hear you loud and clear! The next update will indeed be in February. We also have a community update coming soon, so keep an eye out for that here on the forums and on Steam!