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I'm from Germany. 🇩🇪

I discovered this game some time ago and I like it very much.

Of course there are a lot of things one could have done better.
For example, better interiors and working mirrors. Windscreen wipers, turn signals and all that stuff.
But what's really missing are tracked vehicles.
Yes, of course I have the Spintire.mod.exe.
But it doesn't work perfectly.
@Pavel , why are there no tracked vehicles?
I would have expected that in a Russian game with this theme.

Great praise anyway for the implementation.
That's what an old trucker and off-roader says.

Especially good is the modding friendliness.
Thus a game is constantly extended and improved.
Unfortunately, not many developers understand that, they are only interested in the big payoff.

Then I will annoy you with one or the other question. 😄