Do the devs even care?

Hello New World interactive, I wanted to let you know this.

There is a problem with losing connection to the server "lost connection to server". this is not because of my connection, i don't have this in any other game, including the old insurgency. I play on the right servers and i told you guys this 5 times now, still no information reguarding it.

I payed money to get kicked out of almost every match.
Please fix this.

Hey there @Zayzek,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Do you mean you are getting this error message: "Kicked from Server: host closed connection"? We're aware of it and can assure you that fixing this is a priority for us. You can find more information about it in this thread on Steam:

If you can follow the instructions there and post your logs, that would be very helpful to us in fixing this sooner. Thanks a lot!

@jellyfoosh No, it is not kicked from server, it says "lost connection to server". I even checked the logs, this happens out of nowhere, its random but happens after like every 2 games.

Im playing on official NWI servers. I'm also playing on the right region for me (EU)

As far as I know from other replies i am not the only person who is having this problem

Does this happen only on EU servers?

@zayzek Thanks for clarifying. We have received reports of this before, and are investigating the issue.

@muhammad said in Do the devs even care?:

Does this happen only on EU servers?

I don't know about the other servers but everyone who has the problem seems to be on EU servers so yeah, could be.

I have had this same problem from beta 2. Something went wrong after beta 1 on server side. I'm playing EU servers too.