Cannot complete first prologue mission; All ahead full greyed out.

Good day,

Unlike in Beta 1, in Beta 2 the first tutorial mission cannot be completed. The very last action of the first mission is to activate the 'all ahead full' option. however, this button remains greyed out and cannot be clicked.


I did a few more attempts. It turns that if one waits for every sequence of text to be played out instead of clicking them away and proceeding fast through the mission, the button does appear at the end. Perhaps there's a hidden timer somewhere before the button unlocks?

Hey @Khulod

Thanks for clarifying with more info, glad it worked itself out. Just in case, here's a workaround to access the campaign:

  • After launching the game once, head to your config folder of Battlefleet Gothic Armada II, in your appdata folder. You can copy/paste the following in the research tab to access it with this link: %LOCALAPPDATA%\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

  • Find the file game.ini

  • Edit it with a file editor program such as wordpad or notepad

  • Find the line “bHasPlayedPrologue=False”

  • Change it to “bHasPlayedPrologue=True”

  • Save the file

  • Restart the game

You can now access the campaign.

Still a problem, even letting it play out doesnt unlock the All ahead full... highly annoying that a reported bug that keeps you from completing the tutorial made it into release..

have to say having to hack the .ini file 10min in while trying to play the very first mission doesnt engender any faith