[Feedback] Solo skirmish players still screwed over

I mentioned this during the last beta but it is still a problem. The only way to level up and get skills and upgrades is through ranked (multiplayer) this is a problem because I hate multiplayer and I know many people agree with me. I do not want to play multiplayer and that means that I will not get any skills and upgrades which kills replay ability. If you could make it where skirmish and ranked upgrades and skills are seperate, than you will not have anyone abuse the skirmish mode to get them and it allows the people who hate multiplayer, like myself, to have fun and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Small little thing real quick, if you do what I said in my post, I hope you do not just give us the skills and upgrades because I would love to unlock them myself but do it through skirmish insted of multiplayer.

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Yeah this needs to change.

They still have not fixed this, I recall there being a hell of a lot of posts about this before and looking at this BETA little seems to have changed as far as all that goes other then bug fixes its all the same just with some campaign, I have to say I don't think I will play this game nearly as much as the first seems they literally don't care about people who are not interested in multiplayer, all I did was play solo skirmish for the first game this skirmish is way worse and the lack of progression just kills it for me.

The solo skirmish in this game is a shell of the previous one not only has the fun and unique ship customization gone, but we can't even progress in solo! I personally don't enjoy multiplayer strategy gaming so I get to play with the same upgrades forever? what is there to keep me playing this game at this point?

Having played the beta, I am refunding until there is official word that they'll fix this. Skirmish versus AI is a selling point for many players, please don't gimp this mode.

There isn't really a good reason to not have this. If the goal is to "encourage" people to play ranked MP over Skirmish vs. AI, it won't really shake out that. People are going to feel forced to play a mode they don't want and become alienated from the game instead.

I agree. We should be able to have or at least unlock everything also in single player.

Seperate skrmish and ranked unlocks. Voila problem(s) solved.