Ability to hotkey specific voice commands

The ability to assign hotkeys to specific voice commands is available in the options menus of Insurgency Source and Day of Infamy, but it is missing in Sandstorm. Could this be added in a future update? In Insurgency Source I bound "Enemy Spotted" to the T key and I would press it in the direction of enemies in cover that I failed to kill. If a player wants to do the same in Sandstorm, they have to stand out in the open, hold the C key down, move their cursor to the Enemy Spotted command on the command wheel and click it. That requires both hands and is a lot more work and more risk than pressing just one key.

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Agreed, I'd like to see this too, especially for "enemy sighted."

When you hold C for the radial menu, you can just flick your mouse in the direction you want and let go of C. You don't have to click it. You only have to click the middle command as a commander to call fof the radio man.
It's possible to do it quite fast already.

These hotkey bindings were a problem in DOI. You could spam them as fast as you could click the button you bound it to and create annoying sound loops and stuttering.

Now, as far as I've noticed, they added a minimum time between each command so you can't spam it anymore, at least not as much.
So adding the setting could be possible.

Would also like hotkey options for specific voice lines. The issues mentioned could be avoided by adding a time limiter and so you cant just play them like a keyboard.

Currently also nobody stops people from spamming voice lines. Would be nice if that would get improved anyway.