It is possible to make a game more comfortable.

First of all i want to say thanks to all devs for such a good game and say sorry for my english 🙂
I want that this game will live long and have a good player base so i can reccomend some thing that can improve game qualite and comfort level.
It is not neccesary to speak about things that is easy to see and hear. Performance, invisible models and walls, sound of footsteps. I will speak about thing that isnt vissible.

  1. Minimap improvment.
    Please make a squares and their numbers and letters ontactical map more recognizeble.
    Please make possible to see a nicname of teammate on tactical map. It is very important, because than u want to ask a teammate for something you really dont know how to do it.
    2.Make a loadout menu always alloud.
    After the end of every round at the moment victory or defeat inscription it is not possible to call a loadout menu, so u need to wait a beggining of new round and waist a time to loadout in a new round. So it is very annoying.
  2. Teammate marker. Teammate nickname is not always vissible on the teammate marker. Sometimes it is not possible to make it vissible so i tottaly dont know how to call a teammate that is close to me.
    3.Match repeating.
    Where was a situation that i loaded a last match replay but loaded was prelast.
    4.Training site.
    Than i want to test some weapons, armor, loadouts, nade spots i have to search an emty community server, than my teammate must mannualy serach the same server. And thats all not comfortable. Also if i with y teammates want to test some new tactics playable in ranked matches we can test tham only in ranked matches. No possibility to practice a tactics without ranked game, it is risky and not effective.
    5.Please make an additional timer color different from main timer color in firefight because if u miss the moment than additional time starts, it is hard to understand what timer is actual at the moment.
  3. Make possible to understand easier to who actually is using mic. I mean that some mic using simbol at the top of speaking player model will be so usefull.
    7.Please make a voice commands more usefull. In source insurgency voice commands was much more variable and usefull. Hotkeys to voice commands was so great stuff in source insurgency. Where was so easy to give an information to teammates by using a voice cammand hotkeys in an old insurgency.
    7.Please make a possible to run through a map than we are waiting connection of all players in ranked mode. It is so borring to wait 2-3 minutes to player who will never connect by watching a loadout menu.
    Maybe i will update this post than will remind something alse that can make this game a little bit better.
    Thank you for reading this and best wishes.

You can practice things on the Shooting range or on Local play

I need a maps just like in a firefight mode. I never heard about shooting range. Whats that ?