[Not a bug] Campaign save deleted?


So I got to sink a couple hours in to the imperial campaign and had a blast. However, I logged back on only to find out that it seems that my save file was deleted. Not only this, but it is now saying I must complete the "Fall of Cadia" prologue before I can even start playing the imp campaign again...

Is there a way to recover my save? If not, I hope this gets ironed out before the full release.

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Hi @VideoJames,

the saves from the previous beta are now incompatible due to various implementation to the game.
This is why they have been deleted from all profiles.

@Focus_Camille will we carry the campaign saves of this beta to the released version of the game? What about the Multiplayer progress? Will it be reset again?

Hi @Aram_theHead,

saves from this beta will indeed be compatibles with the released version of the game.
As for the multiplayer progress I've asked and will return with an answer as soon as possible.