Downgrade graphics ???

I noticed that the graphics in comparison with the first beta became worse, this is especially noticeable on the effects of imperial engines, and the firing of macro guns, the explosions are very sprite and in general all effects look worse than in the first beta. Are you still having trouble optimizing your engine and sacrificing a bit of graphics for a lot of optimization for beta time or is it forever? If it's forever, that's too bad, because the game started to look worse.

Your Graphics options were likely re-set, so always good to check them.
There have been a number of recent visual improvements (torps/ordanance), I personally havn't noticed much of a difference graphics wise

Everything stands on Epic. I will come home either to take screenshots with a comparison or a video from the first beta and second. I saw that they improved the torpedoes and the ordanance, and it’s strange for the Eldar that there’s even an animation of the attack of the bombers, but for the empire no

yea, ork exhaust during the starting panning shot looks disgusting
imperials have some horrible looking blue in their boost
and they replaced cool looking harpys with something atrocious that can maybe be described as winged rippers if you wanted to insult rippers

This does not sound good.

As I have promised so the game looked in the first beta link text
And so now link text
As you can see the effects are slightly different for the worse, again it can only for the beta time.
I'm talking not only about the effects of engines in all races but also shooting smoke explosions and in general

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hi we had big performance issues caused by the huge amount of FX each ship can generate and considering that the max size of fleets have been increased it was necessary to make some sacrifices. Affected factions are Imperium Orks Chaos Space Marines and Tau. That being said i am not happy with the end result on Imperium engine and i am still trying to find more acceptable solutions.

For the Imperium missing its bomber animation its a bug i fixed yesterday.

Ashardalon what do you mean they look fine for me :0_1547724417285_5bbabea7-0465-47ed-8c03-d5245bf7431d-image.png

@i-am-alpharius That is, the old effects will not return? Because now the game even looks worse than the first in something, and yes not only the engines but also the effects of the shots and many other small details? In my opinion Orc engine effects are the worst. It sounds sad the game looked great. Well, yes, this is my opinion

I am sorry to hear that and kind of surprised because in a lot of case it was actually a straight improvement to FX that were more than 2 years old. Can you list the FX that you dislike the most if its not asking too much ?

@i-am-alpharius Yes, of course, as an example of new sprite explosions.
New effects of fighter engines and torpedoes, they are more noticeable but some are not very similar to the flame from the engine . As Orcs wrote, the engines were beautiful now so-so
In general, roughly speaking, the effects of the first beta in my opinion were the ideal development of all the effects of the first game. That's why I was so surprised, maybe later you can better optimize the engine and return these effects.
In the first part you altered the FX several times. There are some reviews from other people

For Tau, everything seems to be the same I'll see today, I think you just needed to make the old effects less burdening the system and not to redo the engines in blue red or yellow "blots" and yes in the first part they worked as they should, and yes this is not your first game on UE4, but it will work out as with SPACE HULK: DEATHWING. And the game doesn’t meet the requirements of what we see in the game trailers for.
Although many players just do not notice this and maybe this is my fad
And also all ahead full for all races looked the same? I do not remember exactly the first beta
And yes, the bombers attack animation looks great.!2_1547747610476_20190117204206_1.jpg 1_1547747610476_20190117204204_1.jpg 0_1547747610476_20190117204202_1.jpg
Although I looked now and the game does not look like the game 2019. I think these explosions they are flat 0_1547747988364_20190117205643_1.jpg

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And also noticed that there is no longer any FX from the ram, there are no sparks and flames

I've loved the way the game looked in first beta, but it had moments where my FPS would drop down considerably (mostly problems listed by devs). I'm very glad that they've improved performance fixes as I prefer to have stabile 60+ fps rather than risk drops when I need the smooth fps the most.
I think they should consider "splitting" settings somewhere along the "high" settings line, where epic would be the best or slightly altered top setting from last beta.