[Feedback] Let's discuss urgency timer

Hey all!

Took a spin last night in the Campaign with the limited time I had on my hands and first thing I noticed after prologues was this urgency timer which upsets me a fair bit. In my humble opinion this just streamlines and forces the Campaign removing the freedom of choice we might otherwise have. I somehow understand why devs implement this thinking it's a fun idea but many people who are more into the RP and macro aspects of strategy hate these kinds of mechanics. Last night I managed to hit the first tier in the cadian sector since I went for the systems which werent objectives first. I'm unsure how much of a hassle in the final stuff this is gonna be but if we get more "Optional" stuff it might be really hard to do it all. Some people are gonna argue that this increases replayability but I digress. Being able to take your own paths freely is what increases replayability.

I think there at least needs to be the option to disable this for our Campaigns. I'm honestly fine if you just give us the directions where to do it in the game files too tbh but I feel like we should get the choice for those of us who want to take out time. By all means, keep it in there but make it possible for those of us who want to disable it. It cannot be that hard to just change the triggers of that thing. I really dislike mechanics that forces you to rush and potentially miss out exploring and conquering stuff you wanted to conquer and with timers like this you might as well have a Campaign just with missions after each other. The whole point with having a map is being free to move around and do a bit what you please adding another layer of replayability in freedom.

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I absolutely agree. not just that, but when you consider the low amount of resources we're given, it means we're forced to rush through the campaign. I had to sit there and skip turns just to be able to get the upgrades I needed to attack, and the timer just keeps egging you on, without any seemingly real way to stop it, or at least delay it.

Agreed 100%, there's a time and place for that sort of thing and I'm sure there's some people who would enjoy it but I would rather take some time and enjoy than rush it

It turns out they have included plans to disable the urgency meter in the campaign. I just hope that doing so also disables Steam achievements.

While I agree that players should be allowed to play how they want, I also think that playing as intended should be part of the achievement game.

There's allegedly a feature to disable this, however it's 3 words of text and no option on my screen.