[Bug] Cinematics are maximum volume regardless of volume settings

Everytime I launch the game it is ear blastingly loud. I have disabled music and dropped the volume levels down to reasonable/low levels, but nothing changes the startup videos. I'll follow up with more information if it effects campaign cinematics too. This was a problem in the last game too.

Followup: This effects all the intro tutorial cinematics as well. It completely bypasses in game sound controls and uses the main volume level. I'll check tomorrow to see if I can lower BFG2 via the Volume Mixer or if it ignores that too.

Hi there @DominayTrix ,

Thanks for reporting this. We will make sure this is looked at.

Glad you're looking into it. Just wanted to mention that I noticed this myself, so definitely not individual.

Same thing here. FYI it was also a issue in the first game.

Looked into it some more today. It looks like lowering the sound specifically for BFG2 via the Windows Volume Mixer will adjust it. Looks like it is outright ignoring in game sound settings and using windows volume settings instead. Oh, I'm also on Windows 7 if that helps.

And to reply again here, I'm on Windows 10. So it looks like it's more than just a single OS problem 🙂