[issue] Crap number of resoultions supported

Hi is there any way in which you can up the number of resolution supported as so far i haven't been able to play a game full screen or in fact any play of this game. its ether all the stuff crammed together so the UI is bollocks and unusable or so tiny in borderless windowed as it forces a 1080x720 res that i can't read it and thus the game is still unplayable for me. also when you set the screen res in full screen to something it doesn't like, say my monitor res 1280x720, it loads............ on only the top half of my monitor, again as its trying to force a 1080 res out of my monitor. my monitor cant support that res so yer unplayable until you update the res list



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I second this! With my 3440x1440 (21:9) ultrawide everything is all squished together and overlapped most the time. This is a perfect game to get a wide look at what is going on in space.

Oh Absolutely, resolution is fundamental to the user gameplay experience. It is the 'face' of the product and something that should not be overlooked.

Tindalos please support all current resolutions including ultrawide and multiple monitors. It just takes a little effort.

I will actually describe my experience and this is just another example of why customers are upset with the current situation.

If you have a monitor resolution that is currently 'unsupported' by Tindalos then your user experience and enjoyment of the game is heavily neutralised.

I run triple monitors in a Nvidia Surround resolution and as far as my PC is concerned I have a single monitor running at 5040x1050. The game has been recently coded to ignore that and to switch me over to what Tindalos wants to support.

This means that my screen does a strange disconnect and is forced to switch into a 1680x1050 on my single screen. The problem is this kind of artificial limiting is conflicting with the computer and results in all kinds of strange issues like the game mostly launching on my central monitor with the left and right blank or sometimes opening up as a smaller window with strange artifacting occurring only on my left screen.

On 1680x1050 I was unable to move my mouse to the right of the screen (screen area seemed to be artificially restricted as a result of this crazy coding designed to limit the hardware I wish to use with this game and I was unable to even move my mouse to the right side of the screen.

This is not just me but I have already seen another post where another person posted that they were also unable to move their mouse over a button to click it in what may seem to be a related issue.

I am now having to play the game on 1200x900 and this is unnacceptable. Both my left and right monitors are idle and unused.

I understand that very few people game on triple monitors but this issue is experienced by other players on ultrawides, something which is far more common.

This is why people are angry Tindalos and why you are seeing more threads pop up about this issue.

Your game is beautiful on widescreen but your menus are broken.

Stop limiting people with this artificial band aid fix you think will make the problem go away as it is only hurting your reputation as a competent game developer.

Fix this techincal issue ASAP.

For Comparison: Battlefleet Gothic Armada II Alpha:
How it used to be for me

How it is for me now in an updated Beta:

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finally found a res that kinda works but its kicks everything to the far left of the screen so the right hand side and a little of the bottom corner are just black strips. i am out atm i will boot and snap a screenshot when i can.

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1280x1024 is the screen res i need please update and support this and multiple other resolution and can you please sort out the issue with multi monitor systems and i have to unplug my second monitor or it just boots on there.

Tindalos has already stated multiple times that there are not enough players using widescreen or multi monitor setups to justify any work hours to go into this before release. Maybe you get something afterwards and maybe they are able to fix the problem with multiple monitors as this seems to have worked during the earlier beta. But that's probably about it for now. Tindalos is a very small studio, they have quite literally their hands full right now and working on a solution for such a small minority of players (I think around 3-4% of steam users have 4k monitors or multi-monitor setups) is just not worth it...for now. Sooner or later they will have to work on this as bigger screens are slowly gaining ground on the market, it's just not going to happen before release.