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@nikof135 honestly there really isnt anything you could do to make planetary assault fair and in its defense it was based off the table top games mode that was designed to be unfair. the escort mode and assassination modes would probably be impractical due to the sheer size of the fleets, the escort mode would have to increase the amount of escort ships you started with by a significant margin over the first game to reflect the new fleet sizes and of course assassination would suffer heavily from just having 20 ships bearing down on your one ship. but they could have came up with new modes or salvaged other modes from table top like the gated reinforcements one or something along those lines. the ones you could certainly keep tho would be the defense platforms, space stations, and cruiser clash. Maybe keep a take and hold variant where it doesnt give you victory points but instead buffs your standing forces while it is held.

Put all that stuff back in for singleplayer then. I don't care if I'm playing Eldar and I end up in Protect the Data, just as I don't care if I end up with Necrons trying to do a Convey mission. More stuff is better. Worst-case-scenario, I just won't try to play with modes I personally dislike more than normal.

We definitely need variety though. I only played three hours last night, and was already burned out from the Imperial campaign.

I completed the imperial campaign (it stops when you jump to the next sector) and it was a bit boring. Reminded me of Battlestar Galactica :Deadlock - same sort of battle everytime. The medusa were interesting, floating around however. AI was at times useless, sometimes stationary on a cap point whilst they have torps and rams lined up on them.

But I'm going to make to make some assumptions:

  1. Once you jump to the next section the first mission is 'escorting' the Silver Dawn Fleet.

  2. Is the first system therefore effectively the tutorial to ease players into the game? This might explain why the chaos fleets never moved planetary systems in cadia but were moving around in the next galaxy. This might hold out the prospect of different mission types as you progress.

  3. One of the loading screens in the first beta stated data to be secured will always be on the enemy flagship. I initially thought this meant that data retrieval was staying in the game but now we have 'battle plans' which can be stolen to delay assaults on systems. This either means that there will also be data retrieval missions or that its a random number generator when you assault flagships in this capture point mode. Hopefully the former.

Hopefully there will be missions other than this, get old quick capture point mode, but Tindalos need to start providing answers as the beta doesn't tell us a lot which is getting a bit risky for sales.

We need an answer to whether this capture point mode is the only mode for both single player and multiplayer. If Tindalos have just stripped out the alternative missions in favour of special missions linking the galaxies then even if they are exciting and well done it might get tiresome grinding through 12 capture games to see each one.

(will be interesting to see how the footage of Orks hunting space whales wil make it into the game)

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I'm gonna agree with this, I'm personally in favour of the capture system for multiplayer as nothing annoys the crap out of me more than being kited around the map by chaos lance groups or eldar carriers and honestly just smashing two massive blob fleets together gets dull quickly. A bit of a nerf on how quickly escorts can cap/decap compared to line ships would solve most of my issues with it.

Saying that though I do hope there will be some variety on game modes as I can see the 5 point capture getting tiring if it's the ONLY game mode in the game.

+1 bring back cruiser clash 🙂

I don’t dislike the capture and hold mode, but a Cruiser clash mode is sorely needed.