[Feedback] Tooltips and Tutorial lacking

Game is quite complex for people who have not played bfga 1 or tabletop. Most of the tooltips do not explain enough, even the faction differences are hidden and not explained, for example chaos subfactions some have 9 some have 10 skills/ upgrades. They are hidden and not explained so How are we supposed to know what suits us best before grinding them open? Same goes for weapons and other ship items, some are quite shady explanations.

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I'm in total agreement. I never played the first Armada game, and figured I could just wait for the sequel that I heard would be even better. So I pre-ordered and played the Beta. The tutorial campaign was enjoyable, but I when I tried the skirmishes, I felt completely overwhelmed and underinformed about what all these different ships were suppose to do. I didn't even understand the difference between the ship classes, let alone why some factions like the IG had 5 of each, and why some factions were missing them entirely.

Granted, I've been playing the table top and I am pretty much a native of the 40k universe...but I still think you are maybe not really reading the info in the game available to you?

For the factions, background info is in the tooltips, including a short description of their favoured battle tactic.

And yes, some Chaos subfactions, the four dedicated Legions, to be more precise, have an extra stage 10 upgrade. That is, because they have dedicated themselves to the worship of a single Chaos god, which is written in the sub-faction tooltip.

For the other stuff...just ask. Maybe we should open up a "Short questions, short answers" thread...