Personal defense weapons for snipers?

What do you guys think of having something like a vz61 scorpion as a secondary for Insurgent snipers?
Of course an equivalent for security too.



You can already invest into pistols and PDW's are a weapon class for the Breacher.

Yeah, because snipers definitely need a buff.

Personally I'm conflicted on the subject.
You're almost always better off with a 4x semi auto rifle in the place of a sniper.
So it would be nice if snipers had an option to allow them to actually play the objective when needed, instead of there being a sniper alive at the end of every match that has to rush in with a pistol and die lol

I'm also a bit worried about it making snipers a bit op so i'm not sure. Then again, a simple assult rifle can be effective at long and close range so why not.

Just a thought

@turyl If you can play the objective with a semi rifle and a 4x scope, you can play the objective with a pistol or sniper with a 4x scope. The Mosin is actually great in close quarters if you can land your shots.

@Turyl & @cyoce

I like the idea of sniper-only bonuses, though an SMG may be too OP.

Possible sniper only load out items:

  • 2 supply, add tripwire or IR explosive
  • 1 supply, add a variable scope (3×/4x can go to 2x, 7x to 4x)
  • 1 supply, add a 1x scope for a pistol

It does happen often that a sniper is the last 1-3 players and last to the point, though most often it's due to sub-optimal tactical decisions through the round. It takes new players a while to learn that a sniper role is more than just hanging back and picking off enemies. As the team progresses the sniper needs to adjust position dynamically to support the flow of troops to the objective, eventually moving to a flank position with line of sight between the enemy. If done effectively and the rest of the team were suppressed off the point, then it's reasonable the sniper is the last one in.

It also pays off to learn go use pistols well. An m9 with extended msg and suppressor is scary formidable in the right hands, and im finding the L106A1 to be a beast

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Loved that gun in the first modern warfare. I would have to say no though. I agree it would make snipers way overpowered.

Snipers are already one of the most lethal classes when used as intended. Weak points are good for balancing and works fine as is.