My feedback about the campaigns

Hello, I've just finished the available parts of both the Imperial and the Necron campaigns and here's my feedback.

I'd like to be able to skip the cinematics when I have already watched them. I want this because I failed the first mission of the Necron campaign twice and before trying again I had to watch the introduction cinematic again. They are beautiful though, this is undeniable.

General Changes
I think that defensive platforms should not cap points. The way they work now often leads to my fleet destroying the opponent's fleet but having no time to capture points. The opponent always captures 2 points before I can cap even one. If the enemy has both defensive platforms and the space station, then it is pretty much impossible to win unless you destroy the enemy fleet in a battle and then use another of your own fleets just to capture points in another battle.

Imperial Navy
They have too few resources in my opinion. The risk of going bankrupt is really really high even with a tiny fleet. Hope that this was the case only in the cadian sector.


  • They can have a very high income very quickly. I don't know if this is intended.
  • What does "connected systems" mean? Does it mean that they are one next to the other, or does it mean that I can draw a line between the 2 systems without encountering an enemy system? I'm asking this because I had control of the entire sector and there was this "solar harness" planet in the northern part. The description says that the "solar harness" gives 0/1/2 additional construction points to the shipyards of the connected systems. I upgraded the "solar harness" to the maximum level but my shipyard in the southern part of the sector still gave me a maximum of 4 construction points instead of 6. Is the mechanic not working or did I misunderstand the description? Please answer me on this, I would like to know.

Necron Balance
Necron are still too weak in my opinion. They were estremely weak in the last beta and still are now. Here are my suggestions:

  • Their teleport cooldown should be reduced from 90 seconds to 45 seconds. Some suggest to transform the teleport into a combustion fuel bar that gets depleted proportionally to the teleport distance. That would the be a very good solution in my opinion, because Necrons right now have no way to dodge anything. The first mission highlights this issure because the player is asked to dodge some asteroids.
  • I think that mass recall and pyramidal reconstruction should not be an optional admiral skill but should be a default ability of the Necron admiral. These skills right now are a must pick because they mitigate the necron lack of mobility and the lack of an instant repair ability. The 60 seconds automatic repair is not enough in my opinion. Admiral skills should be bonuses, not patches for weaknesses.
  • They are very squishy. They have no shields and they don't have anything to make up for that. The quickest solution in my opinion would be to both buff their damage output and also make every single Necron weapon pierce shields. This way both Necrons and their enemies wouldn't have shields, it would be a fair fight.
  • The reload time of their weapons is too slow. 15 seconds means that between every hit an enemy ship will have been regenerating the shield for 5 seconds, like it was not even fighting anything.
  • The price of their ships might be balanced for the single player campaign, because as I said Necrons have a high income there, but it is surely too high in skirmish mode.

I will edit and update this post as I notice other things, thanks for reading everything, have a good evening.

Edit 1:
Space Marines
Did only 5 ranked battles with them and oh my holy emperor they are very fun to play as! I don't know whether or not they can be competitive like, say, drukhari, but they are definitely better than during the last beta. Good job. I still think that battle barges are over-priced though. Too little firepower for the cost. I found to be better off with a swarm of small cruisers and light cruisers just to have more boarding actions.

The price increase on the battleships is good. However I think that there should be a price reduction on cruisers. Why should I ever get a 290 point cruiser when I can get a battleship for just 30 points more?

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Cinematics : You have to hold the space key

Totaly agree about the Necron's income. Or the imperial income is too low...

Oh thank you for the tip about the cinematics! How did you find out?

Totally by chance, pressing everywhere for ten seconds 😅 (you have to look down right)


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@src Thanks a lot, that will be handy when everything gets reset again!

@aram_thehead agree completely with the Necrons being weak thing. They really need some work. Overall I’d say the income system needs some tweaks, as you very quickly enter situations where you can’t affird your own fleet and the threat bar is rushing you.

i noticed with the campaign that imp ships repair alot faster than necrons especially in the crew department. could by why they get so much more resources, perhaps its planned you will be having to replace ship or instant repair them more often with the necs, hard to tell with the campaign being so easy for the first system.