[Feedback] Hotkeys - thoughts on control

First of all, great work. The setting and gameplay are, so far, excellent. Others have addressed issues such as skirmish XP and some tool-tip information, so I won't retread that ground here.

Instead a few thoughts about hotkeys:

  1. It would be great if we could mouse over abilities to see which hotkey is bound. Obviously this will become second nature over time, but anything that encourages players to use hotkeys or learn them more easily is welcome.

  2. Torpedo hotkeys need work. Right now to be used effectively, the player is pretty much forced to mouse over the torpedo UI element to see the path the torpedoes will take. Ideally torpedoes need to be a two press system; one press to bring up the path, a second press to confirm the launch.

  3. We lack the ability to bind 'shift + tab' to select previous ship, or alternatively 'control + tab' for those that haven't rebound their steam overlay. This is common practice in strategy games, so it's a slightly odd exclusion.

  4. When pressing tab to to cycle through ships, it seems to cycle through ships from left to right on the battlefield rather than top to bottom through the fleet list on the right. Admittedly personal preference, but at least a toggle for the behaviour would be welcome.

That's it for now. Please keep up the great work and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the full launch.

  1. That would be good
  2. That's what bothers me the most for the moment 👍
  1. that would be a very good addition.

Forgot one! (Which could be a case of me being blind and not noticing it) but:

  1. No hotkey bound to special weapons such as the nova cannon. Again this would be very useful.

You shouldnt need to mouse over the button to see which hotkey is bound. Normal RTS UI convention is to put a small letter/number in one of the bottom corners of the ability icon, that way you can always glance at the icon to remind yourself which button it is. Having to mouse over just reinforces clicking the button like a chump.