Option to select which ships of every fleet you want to take into battle

While playing the first imperial campain sector it was a little bit frustraiting that you can't use your new space marine/ mechanicus cruisers because you have just a few fleet/command points and always have to take Spires full fleet and then you first get the smaller ships of the other fleets. The result of this was that I played all my battles with only escorts and light cruisers (+Spires flagship), because I like to have them in my fleets in case they need to operate independetly.
Because of that it would be great if the player could select which ships of every fleet he wants to bring into battle, so that you can left your damaged ships at home and don't end up with a bunch of escorts.


Dev's, please do this! Let us select the ships we take into battle in the single player campaigns.

This is especially frustrating when you buy your first escort ship, then see it bump a more powerful cruiser off your battle line, without any warning.

And a couple other single player suggestions:
Let us trade ships between fleets. If I can command them in a battle, there's no reason they can't be in my fleet.
Give us more for 'scraping' ships. Seems like a pittance compared to what we paid for it. And it's our only option in single player if we want to add better ships to our fleet (see first suggestion, we can't trade away the ships to a smaller fleet to replace them with the sexy new battle cruiser).

Also, some better tooltips letting us know how ships deploy, and how fleet building works would be nice as well. At least let us know the limitations we are dealing with before we spend resources on new ships that never deploy in battle.