Game Crashes right at beginning of the Campaign (Low Level Fatal Error)


The picture above happens right when the Iron Priest begins talking (with WindowlessBorder and Gamma turned up)


The 2nd picture is without any messing with settings but it'll crash in roughly the same time area.

I have installed, reinstalled, verified integrity of game files, and deleted any previous versions found in appdata/Steam folders before installing/reinstalling as well as deleting any appdata after the crashes and trying again.

This has happened in the previous closed beta (I do not have pictures of the crashes).

Trying everything to fix it gave me a total of 2 hours of crashing from the previous closed beta as well as this release.

Hopefully it'll be fixed in some way soon as well as maybe someone assisting.

@Corvus_Corax_RG have you found a fix? have same issue and developers completely ignoring me

SO. I just noticed this, I take it we don't get much support from Devs here?