1. Display somewhere subfaction colors.

In Dawn of War 1 we had small tiny bar that displayed color of different subfactions. Why we can't have similar thing in BFGA2? To understand what I mean, check screenshots:

2. Every faction uses blue UI. it should be colored like in campaign.

Like dark-green buttons and UI for Necrons, dark-purple for Tyranids, blue for Eldars, etc. Right now these tiny corner-borders don't match UI theme.

3. Double-clicking on your ship or icon on the right panel doesn't work sometimes

As quick workaround for this random bug, just create hotkey to make camera follow selected ship

4. Allow us to drag-scroll camera with rotating it through hotkeys

In Dawn of War series we could press ALT + scrollwheel for camera rotating (or CTRL)

5. Let us save upgrades and skills settings through subfactions.

It's feedback and bugreport in one. Right now whenever you change subfaction, we need to reconfigure again our skills and upgrades.

6. Let us skip cinematics through ESC instead of holding Spacebar. it's not that obvious that you should hold Spacebar for 10 seconds to stop cinematic. In most other games it's ESC. In StarCraft 2 using spacebar or other hotkey pauses cinematic, so your usage of spacebar to stop cinematic is confusing.

7. That shadow with dark button on it in main menu looks horrible, sry Tindalos designers.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/8ZfRaDs.jpg
Why not make it just transparent square with smooth edges? or sharp square, idk.

8. Please remove that black background for ingame chat, the game is already dark by itself.

9. Let us move chat window. Or allow to decrease size of it. Or maybe move it closer to edge of screen (closer to bottom HUD)

10. Game help (Codex) should be in game main menu. it's available only from the campaign menu atm.

11. Necron passive regen through decreasing maximum health isn't displayed properly. I see that 123/3000 hp goes up, but it always stays 3000, instead of decreasing to 2999, 2998, during that repair. Healthbar itself is barely darker, it is very hard to understand how much HP was drawn for the cost of healing.

12. Let us skip these intro "cinematics" when camera orbiting around our ships.

If it is done to hide that game is loading textures, then why not just make slightly longer loading with progress bar? That would also theoretically speed up such loadings a bit.