Ramming is pretty much gone

I just spent 5 min using my orks to ram eldar and lost. When eldar can get bashed by orks that directly for that long without falling apart something seems awry. Just to be clear, I don't mean I hit them once or twice I mean I spent about 5 min in constant contact with their ships including at least 3 hits with my line ships against a single one of theirs, using the big red button, and still didn't destroy even that one ship. Seems like either something is causing the holoshields to effect ramming or ramming has been way too nerfed.

I found it to be still relatively good as imperial navy and I actually lost a game today to mass light rocks.

I have yet to face eldar though so not sure.

yea ramming is very underwelming currently
even as jaw nids you need to hit cruisers more then 4 times to achieve anything
a grand cruiser can ram escorts effectively but anything bigger just seems to shrug it off
and cruisers dont even have the certainty of killing escorts even with supposedly having a spur