Space Marines seem a wee bit OP

They can bring lots of ships and pretty much ruin your happiness the second they get into range and mass board you. It's appropriate considering they're Space Marines, but also not a lot of fun as they become one trick ponies.

I think that an increase to cost might be appropriate for this faction, so that they can't just insta-hulk your ships the second they get into range.

I think it's a little early to call them OP, considering that as you said they are a one trick pony and also considering how weak they were in the last beta. There is a counter to them: in order to hulk your ships they need to have many small ships close together, which means that if you scuttle your hulked ship they are pretty much done. Hope this helps you dealing with them. I think that what they need is cheaper battle barges, because right now there is no reason to pick them considering how expensive they are. This would make them less of a one trick pony in my opinion.

Gotta agree SM are op. Especially small ship (2 stars) torpedoes with stealth and boarding. If only I could try it - Goin into custom sm screen causes memory leak freeze

i played the first beta, and compared to this current one the SM got a much needed buff, they where basically unplayable back then. i play them with 1 battle barge and 1 escort, since that is all i can bring so fighting against an ork player with that set up or any other faction that has greater numbers is basically suicide. therefore nerfing them could bring them back to the problem of the first beta.

The problem with SM IMO is that they can also bring a lot of ships and then mass board you using all of those. A price bump to their smaller ships (at least the cheaper ones with boarding need to become a bit more expensive) to prevent spam fleets would be a good solution IMO.

I remember losing to SM because in a few seconds flat because my Cairn ship had gone from full strength to drifting hulk after being boarded.

@cool_lad But that's the whole point of the fleet. It's their strategy: board and empty a ship before receiving too much damage. If they can't empty a ship, they won't last long. They will be very weak just like in the last beta. They have nothing else going for them. Smaller ships have low hp, so if you scuttle your ship you can almost destroy them. About your specific case: Necrons vs Space Marines: I think that the problem is not that SM are OP, I think that it is the other way around: Necrons need a serious buff right now, they are almost a joke. Cairn class ships in particular are really not worth their price, 500 points for basically shooting news papers and having no shields and a very long cooldown on maneuvres.