Fleet mechanics

Perhaps I am mistaken, but as far as I am aware it is impossible to fully disband a fleet, or to at least merge them. This becomes a severe issue when enemy systems are limited to only 2 attacking fleets, and you have many scattered forces. Additionally, I don't want to have to be carrying around terrible fleets such as the space marines as a whole, or fleets consisting of only light cruisers and escorts.

The ability to disband and merge said fleets would be much appreciated, and if already included, it would be nice to see it clarified.

In addition - I believe this problem could at least somewhat be negated if resources were easier to acquire. After playing the Necron campaign, where one can easily, with 4 maxed fleets, reach 400 resources a turn in the first system alone, I find the fact that 4 fleets at around ~200 strength put the entire cadian system into debt somewhat obnoxious. Perhaps this is something only present intentionally in the first system that is fixed when expanding outwards? In either way, I am very interested in seeing the full campaign.

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