I need to start by pointing out that I am so pissed and frustrated by this issue that I am on the brink of refunding this game. I get its a beta but not being able to play AT ALL is something else. I have never ever had this type of crashes with any game/beta/early access game in my life AND this game was postponed by 4 MONTHS already and it being on this state is unacceptable.

A lot of people are reporting the exact same issue on the steam forums and developers are dead silent about this, so I had to open an account here just to see if I can make something happen.

Having said that, I have had 2 pretty big crashes, just by being on the battle screen (the first crash) and on the cutomize fleet screen (the second crash), mouse started lagging a lot, music was still playing on the background and I couldn't alt-tab to the desktop or open the task manager with ctrl-alt-supr, just a black screen and then I stopped hearing the music. The crashes left my PC being entirely unresponsive and had to hard restart my system. No crash logs were generated. I am afraid to the point of not even want to try launching the game again. Some say its a memory leak, some others state their CPU and RAM usage % went to hell and back, some others blame the EasyAntiCheat software, etc...

Additonal notes: I only use windows defender as antivirus AND nothing else was running on the background when the crashes occurred. On the windows event viewer logs I could only read something about a "bad_module_info" thing that occurred at the time of the most recent crash. Here is what I could gather for your reference but I doubt it would be of much help (just in case):


Stopped working

‎1/‎16/‎2019 9:04 AM

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: bad_module_info

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: bad_module_info
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: 00000000
Exception Offset: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 10.0.17763.
Locale ID: 1033

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 2fa587f61571ffe999423f2b2f32e164 (120792870519)

I attached my dxdiag file for reference.0_1547691302001_DxDiag.doc

This is a game breaking bug/issue and if u take a look at the steam forums a lot of people are having the exact same issue.

Hey there, sorry for your issues, I can assure you that we're watching closely all bug reports and feedbacks but we're working to understand and address those issues. I hope we'll be able to release some official statements soon concerning the release/near-future of the game.

Concerning your issues in addition of those info, can you check in C:\Users\PCTEST33\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\Crashes if you have some Minidump files?


As I already said no crash reports were generated. I checked in that location and the Saved/Crashes folder was empty. I checked there first BEFORE deleting the entire game folder in AppData (as recommended on the beta 2 guide) and proceding to verify the integrity of the game's file on Steam.

Are we to expect an update/patch concerning all the issues we are having on the beta or at least a patch to address game breaking bugs like this one BEFORE the 24th of January OR will we have to wait and see until then????? I really need to know this.

Do you play on Fullscreen or Windowed borderless?

The "bad_module_info" thing seems to be linked to a windows fullscreen optimization so if it's linked it could help to uncheck it or try to run the game in borderless.


I was thinking about doing something like that, but again, I am afraid of launching the game again and give it a try.

I was thinking about unistalling and re-installing the game, run the .exe with admin rights, checking the box for "Disable fullscreen optimizations" and let the "application" change the DPi mode...do you think this would help or might as well just run the game in "windowed fullscreen mode"???

In addition to that, any specific video game setting I might have to change aside from that? I had the game running on max resolution (1980x720), with all graphics setings on EPIC, v-sync on.

I will wait for a response and I might think of giving it a try tomorrow.

Ok so as a follow up to my previous post, putting the game in borderless mode, playing with the video settings, disabling fullscreen optimizations on the .exe file, launching the game in offline mode, NOTHING works, it is still the exact same outcome. I advised a bunch of people to try this on the steam forums as well and its not working for ANY of them either. A lot of people are actually saying this issue is related to that garbage EasyAntiChat software you implemented in the game which is causing the crashes. I have no idea since my crashes are super super bad I havent even had time to ctrl-alt-supr my PC completely freezes over and get a black screen. By the way, I have 8GB RAM memory so I know that is a minimum requirement so that should not be it.

I am trying to stay patient with this "BETA". I can understand bugs, glitches, unbalanced factions, etc etc but not game breaking bugs which prevent me from completely being able to play the game. If this game breaking issue is being caused by that third party software (EAC) then there is nothing you can do on the matter and the EAC developers will say everything is working fine, in case this is actually what is really causing the fatal crashes. It is speculation of course, but it is the only thing we have since nothing has been notified to us so far in regards to this.

I must admit I am highly worried, pretty sure we aren´t getting a patch for the beta and we will have to get the full release of the game and I am NOT OK with that since I wanted to properly test the game. I have NO intention of extensively testing it after it has been fully released s that I can lose my right to ask for a refund. I will not encourage games to be tested as an ALPHA and being released as a BETA. It is not a threat, but you will be seeing a wave of refunds.

I also attached my MSinfo file in case it is of any help 0_1547784467476_MSinfo.doc

I am really really trying to stick with this game, but I do not know what else to do or try.

I have had 7 fatal crashes and game freezes today and i have 7 data files in the crash folder. These crashes happened looking at the fleet customization and loading back from a completed combat to the custom battle screen.

[0_1547790324604_Crashes.zip](Uploading 100%)

Keeps on saying this is not an acceptable type of file.

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@banditks yo...you need to change the extension of whatever it is you are uploading, like, you cant upload .txt, .zip files here (beats me why though). Please try to upload them again I think they could be of great value!!!!! I dont know why my crashes are NOT generating any sort of reports like yours.

Straight from the "report a bug" tutorial on this website

"Please pack it all together in a .rar or .zip file (using Winrar or 7-zip for example) and attach it to your post."

How do i attach it?

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@banditks No I know and you are actually right. You are doing it correctly, but for some reason you cannot attach files like .zip nor .txt over here and I also do not inderstand it, so maybe...try uploading each crash report one by one and/or changing the file extension? I guess? I would say Its your best bet man, its like 7am in France right now, but I really hope someone responds to this entire thread tomorrow.

Hello, can you try again?
There was an issue with zip files but it should be fixed now

@banditks dude...try uploading now the zip file containing all your crash logs again please!!!!

I have same problem. The game freezes every single time I click on the "Create a Custom Fleet".


This is of UPMOST IMPORTANCE...I have found a temporary workaround and I have some information for your team so you can narrow down and work on the issue...I have been all over the web including reddit and steam forums and these official forums and I have compiled a list of steps that seem to solve the issue for me AND FOR MANY other players having this issue that have confirmed to me that this works...here are literally the steps to follow to the letter to impede the game from freezing on the battle AND fleet customization screens=

For those, who suffer from 'Memory Leak* crash / freezing. (When surfing around Fleet menu & stuff)

  • Make your game run in borderless window.
  • Give Admin permission for BFGA2
  • Permission for Easy Anti Cheat (what ever firewall / anti virus you are using) as follows:

Control panel
Network and security
Windows firewall defender
Advanced settings
Outbound rules
Add new rule
Navigate to Easy Anti Cheat exe in BFGA2 folder
Select allow everything

  • Go to Windows Services and make Easy Anti Cheat Automatic (from manual)
  • Run Easy Anti Cheat setup and click Repair for BFGA2.

I don't know for sure which of these steps did the trick but doing them in bulk they WORK.

A little more info on the matter in regards to what exactly happens when the game freezes (since my crashes were pretty pretty bad I could not even alt-tab to the task manager to see what what going on) a lot of people are reporting that the antivirus began eating resources from the PC draining RAM memory usage, spiking pretty high and in some cases even CPU usage, causing the freeze/crash. Basically, the antivirus was creating an endless loop with EAC.

I understand this might be an issue between the antivuris/Microsoft and EAC BUT since you guys (the devs) decided to implement this in your game I really think this is also on you!!!!

TAKE ALL MY INFO WITH A GRAIN OF SALT but I consider this to be a solid foundation so you can continue your work/research on the matter.

I apologize for being so salty but this issue was driving me crazy but I hope this entire post at least shows how much I really care about this game and I want it to succeed, please start sorting this issue out since believe me it has been widely common!!!