Pain point: It is not clear how Necron fleets are able to transfer from one system to the next.

I've spent about 15-20 minutes attempting to figure out how to move from the 1st system to the second. I finally learned (after much frustration) that the Necron fleets need to be in a system with a "green ring portal" to jump to another system with a green ring portal. There were no help tips to guide me.

The imperial campaign shows the player where to place their fleets for a system transfer (and how many fleets can move at once). However, the Necron campaign lacks the consistency and unfortunately left me stuck for a considerably long amount of time.

In terms of the UI, it would be nice if the "green ring portal" has a greater presence and is more visible to the user. It is rather small for me to see as I play on a large monitor.

Solution: Give the necron campaign the same consistency as the Imperial campaign in regards to how to transfer fleets from one system to the next.

Note for the design team: I had a good experience so far and desipite the one hiccup, kudos on the team who worked on the help tips!