Short questions, short answers - if you need help with game mechanics or lore stuff, just ask

Noticed quite some new people without knowledge of the 40k universe or basic game mechanics like weaponry are very interested in this game and are now suffering something of a brainmelt because of all the lore and tabletop gameplay related game mechanics like faction preferences, ship choices and such. So, if you have a short question, ask it here.

As nothing has come up so far, here a small hint: There is a workaround for anyone who doesn't want to play the awesome tutorial again (and again and again). Here you go:

Some my questions about game mechanics, since I didn't play much in BFGA1:

  1. Morale. Lowering it to zero causes mutiny, right? What mutiny causes after all? There's no proper game glossary or FAQ. Even ingame help don't explore such things.

  2. How to make camera follow your ship? Double-clicking doesn't work sometimes

  3. Escort ships are just for capping points and running away from big ships? There's no other reason to add them to your fleet?

  4. Whats actual difference between both boarding strikes? Except one is available at left-right sides of the ships, while other one have bigger range and wider angle.

1 moral. moral loss is caused by multiple factors every time your ship takes damage it lowers the moral, crits lower it more than the normal damage loss they cause, boarding lower/troop loss will lower it considerably especially if you are using certain fleets that specialize in moral loss with their boarding, other ship in your fleet being destroyed, taking massive amounts of damage, or having a mutiny also effect moral of other ships.
2. im not sure there is a good way to make the camera follow your ship but i think you will find using wasd to fly around the map makes it easier to manage multiple ships and keep a better eye on theirs i would urge you to try to get used to not following a certain ship.
3. escort ships are also valuable at scouting every time the argument comes up that DE and Nids are op the better players usually respond with fan out escorts and use the scan skill to pop them out of stealth as the appropriate counter. But as far as actual attack they are relatively useless and will die very fast which could effect you overall fleets moral so generally not the greatest idea.
4. generally the boarding that is close range is more powerful than the other which is lightning strike. Lighting strike also requires that the shields on the other ship be down for them to work. they share the same cool down but have different charge counters as well so if your close i would recommend using the close range one if for no other reason to save your lighting strikes for long range. both can also be used to re crew a derelict ship.

*I wrote this on other thread(which I have deleted)
It's about armour, crits and stance.

Accuracy, target range, number of attacks, damage, reload time seems self-explanatory. It seems crit rate increases directly proportional to the damage(0.25 increase per 1 damage)

But I can't crunch numbers right while I don't know how armour and critical works.
I suspect armour would mitigate some portion of the damage and critical deals full paper damage(Plus module damage? for what probability?).
But guessing is not enough and I'm pretty sure someone knows the answer already

Plus, Stance tooltip says
Lock On has +20 Accuracy and Reload! has +40 firing rate.
I'm pretty confused by this explanation.

for example, Poor accuracy has absolute zero hit probability at 18000 range.
If I take Lock on, does it mean I would hit the target with a 20% probability or zero chance of hitting[0 + (0*0.2) = 0]?

Same goes for Reload! bouns.
Does it gives flat 40% bonus fire rate [10 -> 10+(10x0.4) firing per minute]
or subtracts 40% reload rate?[6 -> 6-(6x0.4) to reload the weapon]

Thank you in advance.

Actual questions:

 What is the impact of troop value to ship performance as troop value decreases?

 What is turret range and what is the chance of succcess against ord?

Then if we're just adding questions for general reference:

 How does range impact accuracy?

 How does armour value work?


  • about crits

crits are a % as mentioned by the crit rate
then its rolled what type of crit between full damage roll(the lowest roll, just ignoring armor), fire, collateral damage(a crew kill) or system crit (permanent or temporary)
if system crit its rolled again which system
rerolled if not the one you are aiming for (i assume, no info on it but its the way it worked in BFG1 so its a good guess)
if weapon is the system rolled
roll again for which weapon among the weapons on the side thats getting shot (bombers or boarding can be any(but why would you aim weapons for boarding that always hits the targeted system))

warning, this is not certainly how crits work
best guess
collateral damage and full damage crit variants of the first roll can happen for damage that doesnt really have a crit rolls (spore shield damage or wrecking biomorph or rams for example) so these might not actually be a variable for guns or these might be a additional crit variable that doesnt negate a fire or system crit roll happening as well

  • about armor

pretty sure its a simple % damage reduction
tho they claim they reworked the calculation since last beta, but pretty sure it was just bugged to be the old lower values still last beta, instead of actually using a different calculation now
armor does nothing to crit chance
wich is why crits are so common now compared to BFG1 crits where armor was % damage negation which also negated the possibility to do a crit

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every crew chunk takes off 10% firerate, skill cooldown and combustion gauge recharge rate
a chunk is the number mentioned
a ship has 3
green -full crew
yellow (not the real names but) -some crew lost 10% total reduction ,this also causes a crit when reached (usually temporary crit unles the targeted system is already tempcritted)
red -skeleton crew 20% total reduction ,also causes 2(supposedly) crits usually permacrits
when reduced to 0 it is hulked
this does (supposedly but i havnt confirmed yet) a permacrit and nothing else, no further efficiency loss
after recrewing still only 20% total efficiency loss
notice: only the combustion gauge recharge rate is reduced, not the boost speed or total it holds

about armor see above
but not 100% sertain, there is still some discussions about the claimed change, but fairly sure its just a simple % damage reduction

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@imptastic what factions specifically cause morale loss with boarding?
is tis some factions special trait i missed?

@Existor he also forgot to mention fires deal a decent amount of morale damage, more then the damage it does
to be more specific about some of the effects
losing your deck deals a large amount of morale damage which is the main way to kill morale with boarding
i am unaware of any factions traits to deal additional moral damage beyond aiming for the deck with boarding
normal boarding deals 10 morale damage per crew killed only dealing more by permacritting the deck when losing a chunk (as explained in above post)
ramming also seems to deal more morale damage then just from the damage unless in the brace stance

there are some extras like the slaanesh upgrade
the necron cairns skill or skills like the tyranid psychic scream and mechanicus nova cannon

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@ashardalon i remember it being one from the first game this game appears to have it tied to troop loss at some ratio so i suppose it would be more accurate to state that certain factions with high troop damage inherently do more moral damage with their boarding and its not solely linked to destroying the deck. i did say that crits did more moral damage then they do actual damage it was assumed fires were included as i didnt want to run down the litany of possible crit circumstances was supposed to be a short answer after all.

@hjalfnar_hgv they said they changed armor, how does it work now.


This is a great thread, just wanted to thank you for making it. Community needs more folks like you.

Exactly how armor factors into damage calculation is the most important one for me, but other people have already asked that.

When a ship takes troop damage, does extra damage carry over to each threshold? Example: A ship has 1 troop left but is still at fully operational. If it takes 5 troop damage at this point, does it also subtract 4 from the next threshold, or does that extra 4 damage get ignored?

Can the rally skills make a ship go above its maximum for that threshold? Example: A ships has 21 troops in a threshold and takes 3 troop damage. If it uses a rally skill and would gain 5, does it go to 23 or back to 21?

Does a ship retreating with a warp out cause less morale loss for the other ships than the same ship being destroyed?

Is there a table of the various amounts of morale loss caused by certain actions?

Can turrets be overwhelmed by too many targets? So is it wise to send fighters in first so that the turrets are only shooting them, and then preventing them from attacking bombers that immediately follow? Or would the bombers still get shot at? Or just in general, how does turret vs squadron combat work?

@whitehawke said in Short questions, short answers - if you need help with game mechanics or lore stuff, just ask:

Can the rally skills make a ship go above its maximum for that threshold? Example: A ships has 21 troops in a threshold and takes 3 troop damage. If it uses a rally skill and would gain 5, does it go to 23 or back to 21?

In the prologue I did that exact thing and the tooltip showed the troop amount past the max but still operating at the tier of troop damage (essentially, above full troop value but operating at 90%). Not sure if this is intended

yes, overkilling a chunk will pass on to the next
try boarding a mechanicus LC with a hive ship and i think you can hulk it instantly

call to arms(rally is morale) can only be used once and only after you are in yellow troop
you can go above regular yellow troop count max, but it wont get you back in green

yes turrets work differently from BFG1 where they fired once at everything that came into range
turrets now only target one squad until its dead
rerolls every 3seconds
turrets roll to hit squadrons roll to dodge, things that get sot enough die until a squad is destroyed and excess hit rolls go to the next squad that needs dodging
you should always have interceptors to occupy enemy pd as bombers are incredibly fragile

Realized another morale thing I don't understand. It seems like morale has both permanent and temporary damage it takes. So the rally skill can recover the temporary damage taken where the bar is darker - but does anything recover the part where the bar is lighter? This appears permanent, but again I don't really know the difference. What determines if morale loss is temporary or permanent? Does temporary just slowly bleed into permanent?

Another thing: The necron teleport says it lets the ship re-orient itself, but I can't figure out any way to do this. It seems like the necron ships will just always orient to the direction that the teleport, regardless of which angle you might like them to face. Is there some way to choose the angle they face as they teleport?

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@nemesor-xanxas Hi, I sadly don't know yet as I wasn't able to find the armour calculation in the gamre files...might be I am blind or it's caused by severe sleep deprivation (my baby girl is 9 days old xD).

However I noticed Space Marines and Necrons are both far more tanky than they were before, apparently going so far as lifting Space Marines up from the bottom to somewhere in the midfield of fleet strength. Apparently they changed something for the better, just we don't know yet what. xD

@hjalfnar_hgv thanks for the reply, now if only it was enough for the Necrons to not be trash...

@nemesor-xanxas They certainly need other buffs to their general firepower and probably health.