Icons for Fighters/Hazard Fields and Special Weapon toggle


Enjoying the beta, and would like to put some feedback.

  1. Add a toggle for Fighters/Squads and one for Hazard Fields:

It is very difficult to see if your ship is gonna touch the field or not sometimes as the graphical elements indicate some sort of not-uniform shape to the field. Maybe I cannot find the button for this as the UI is a bit of a hassle for me.

Fighters/Squads should have an icon above them to signify what they are and where they are at the moment, it is also a bit silly that I cannot detect and identify a planet size signature but can insta see the fighters when they are launched (the graphic model).

  1. Some ships have weapons that take a long time to charge and fire, such as the Eldar beam weapons, it is frustrating for them to go off while you are turning and have that crippled battleship LOCKED only for a lone limping frigate to come into your firing arc and your high powered weapon to go PEW PEW, missing it and wasting a perfect epic destructive shot.

A simple solution is either add a toggle to turn of the respective weapon and have a manual fire button, like in the previous BFG, but please do not take the option off it auto firing as it is useful at times!

  1. On a side note, the UI is lacking and I think the old one offered a lot of more, you could at a glance still see the battle but see what is going on with your selected ship as you had everything neetly displayed, now it's more of a hassle and sometimes your ships will disappear by the time you figure out where the button is to show more details, find the details and then close it as it covers half the screen.

I would personally go back to the BFG 1 UI and improve on it or delay the launch and make the UI more functional, I know that the intention was to offer a better view of the awesome battles but it doesn't offer such a big improvement and only comes with downsides.

P.S I miss the enemy ship bar as it made it easier to figure out what threats were still in play!

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Double tab Alt to show them.