Having pop-up tips at the side is no good when in the Sector map, as you have no idea what each one is referring to.

What I think needs to be done is have a single box with pages of paragraphs describing all the elements of the Sector map, which will present it's self at the center of the screen as you enter the sector map for the 1st time for each of the campaigns.

Each paragraph in the box should point to what it is trying to communicate with a physical gold line, and a golden clricle at the end.

At the bottom of the box should be a Next button that will take the user tothe next paragraph, and so on untill every thing is covered. Though an Exit button at the top right of the box should allow you the skip the turorial completely.

The Turtorial should cover each of the different screens you can go into on the Sector map, and conclude with your starting your 1st battle on the Sector map.