Anti Cheat Violation Crashes Game

Several times now the game crashes and when I have to manually (as in hit the power button) turn off my computer to access anything on my computer. The screen goes black and I can bring up the task manager or see my bar at the bottom, but can not access them to end the program or anything else or the game screen will freeze and stay shown (usually during Fleet Selection) When my computer shuts down, going back to the windows screen telling me that it is shutting down, I see a message saying;

Easy Anti Cheat Violation Detected {#000000001}

Not sure if the number of 0's is correct. Now as for the violation, I have uninstalled and reinstalled attempting to fix this, as well as going through and making sure very program running was necessary for my computer to run and the game only, even ended Discord, Skype, and the like. Making sure to end all processes uneeded as well. It still happens.

I do have all updated drivers for hardware.

Seems a lot of people have this issue and not just for this game.
Seems to be something to do with EAC and the RGB lighting programs on a lot of modern PC's.

I had it once when I tried MP, tried disabling my Razer and Mystic lights but still no joy, oh well, didn't really want this for MP anyway.

Hey @Voccio ,

Sorry to hear you're getting these errors. Did this only happen to you during Fleet Selection, or at other times too?

@jellyfoosh it’s happened to me a couple times, once in menu but others in fleet creation.

I just had this Violation when I tabbed back in to a single player game.
Why is EAC even checking while I'm playing Single player? That is ridiculous.

+1 The game constantly freezes for me in fleet selection, and somethimes on "match found, connecting to players, etc" screen. Have to alt-tab and end the process with task manager.

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This happened to me as well when I went to search for a match

@jellyfoosh Doesn't happen during game play ever. Always at Fleet Selection or Battle page. Where you are at before doing Battle. Have not seen it happen on Main Menu or the campaign.

I have had this happen to me all afternoon. Same thing with the hard crash, I have to restart my computer every time. Crashes after the first campaign cinematic, when I want to skip it, or when I try to click on "Back to Main Menu". I've only been able to play two skirmish games against AI so far.

I get the same "Anti Cheat Violation" message as you when I restart my computer.

Please, send help.

I have the same problem. I get the error message "Game security violation detected #000000001.

Battle Fleet Gothic freezes. I can't exit or close the game anymore either. When I restart the computer I get the error message I mentioned earlier.

It sometimes happens during fleet selection, sometimes when you search for a battle. But the issue occured on other occasions, even in singleplayer, too.