Since the first beta of BFGA2 back in December and now into the second beta, always with every single launching of the game, the main game occupies the left screen of my dual monitor Windows 10 setup.

The EAC splash screen and inital BFGA2 splash screens all pop up on my main display on the right (as Windows Display has told all programs to do so by default).

This is regardless where steam is or where the taskbar is (both of which i like having are on the left display but moved over to the right/main display for testing) once the splash screen are done, the main game loads up on the left - no other application or program does this on my system.

While this is less than ideal, a work around is going into the Options Menu, changing the VIDEO options for the Display Mode and Resolution to Windowed and a smaller resolution (the default is 1920x1080 [16:9]) and then physically moving the game screen over to the righthand screen to then resize it. However, this is only for that instance of launching the game, once closed, the game always want to use the left screen to load up in.