What's everyone's opinion about point capture only PVP?

To me, I feel it's a stupid idea that as long as you get a point limit ( No matter if you only have a bloody frigate with 1 hp left ) is a win.

Informerly speaking, I mean there's no real admiral who's going to sacrifice entire fleet just for a point.
It also shows in a campaign : You kill all their ships but loses because of a capture point? It's okay, just send a 3rd fleet in and auto-battle.

I am sick of seeing some players doing 2~3 cruisers and a dozen frigate spam.
I want to see and play a true fleet to fleet battle and that's why I bought this game.
Of course it's a stretagy, but in realistical term, that strategy won't work when you just lost a fleet just for short moment of captured points.

It's a pretty big disappointment for many and the community manager has already acknowledged the issue in a different post. Functionally I don't think it's a huge issue as destroying ships tends to grant a fairly decent reward but the fact that all encounters are Cap and Hold is not enjoyable as it will lead to builds specifically designed to avoid detection and capture points.

At the same time these factions are not balanced by any measure lol so straight up battles would result in 2-3 factions being used in competitive only.

The idea with the third fleet is sooooo welcome. Thank you so much :). I reloaded once because I lost a battle even though I destroyed everything without taking any significant damage. This is such a nice idea. Let a single cobra cap the sector.

It makes your Space Marine fleet also feel more lore like with quick shock and awe tactics while the Astra Militarum or Imperial Navy cleans up afterwards.

Like I said somewhere else, I like the take and hold mechanic.

The old mission types were too random, only cruiser clash would be too repetitive and flat.

Not having any objectives to control would also promote dragged out, long and very lame games spent looking for a defeated adversary that hides. Not good.

I have yet to find myself in the situation where capping alone wins the game by the way.

Theres already a big post about this going on.

More game modes then cruiser clash or the take and hold that we got now would be better. But doing away with it completely imho is a mistake