Swapping ships between fleets & Necron campaign construction issues.

As of the Campaign beta, there doesn't seem to be a way to transfer ships or admirals between fleets, which creates several issues; to which I've mostly ran into the Necron prologue.

  • Due to the very high point cost of the Scythe Harvest Ship, upon reaching level 2 it is impossible to upgrade any fleet that doesn't have the cheapest LC - Cartouche, as any other variant exceeds the point limit disabling the purchase.

(I'd assume getting to level 3 would fix that with another +50 points, but this is rather dumb and not an excuse for not being able to swap stuff around)

So theoretically to upgrade Amarkun's flagship, I'd need to first purchase a cartouche, transfer the flag there, disband 2 jackals and the Khopesh cruiser he starts with. Purchase the Harvest ship and then either disband the Cartouche, or keep it and repurchase escorts as seen fit.

There's no other way around this issue; and it is a massive money dump, and early campaign money is scarce.

Purchasing a Scythe and then disbanding the Khopesh is not an option, and I cannot disband the Khopesh first either as it is the only line ship present in his fleet.

As well as not being able to transfer his escort ships to any other fleet present to temporarily free up points, or reshuffle the roster. Other than disbanding then and having 25% of escort/line ship value returned, which is a massive resource sink.

TLDR: Upgrading fleets with higher tonnages is stupidly difficult with nations that have huge points gap between the different tonnages as you can't transfer vessels around or temporarily "dummy purchase" a higher tonnage ship exceeding the limit if you only have a single ship in the fleet which combined exceeds the limit value.

Possible fixes :

Adding a way to swap ships between fleets.

Instead of having to destroy and rebuild everything an exchange between two fleets in the same sector takes place;

Allowing a "Warranted" purchase, if there is only 1 ship present in the fleet, the flagship ; and the points are restricting buying a vessel of higher tonnage, allow the purchase to go through with a "warrant" that purchased higher points ship takes the role of the flagship and the previous ship is either disbanded or moved to another fleet stationed in the sector, as long as there's no point restriction.

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I would strongly argue that in both campaigns, fewer is better, in terms of fleets. Allow larger fleets, but fewer of them, so that you don't get overwhelmed by admiral abilities, and actually get some choices of what YOU want to do. If you started with a single larger fleet, instead of those 2 smaller fleets, you could actually choose about what you want in your fleet, and I think people are thinking that necrons are much weaker than they are, simply because they don't get a critical mass of anti ordinance firepower until you get up to at least 2-3 squadrons of doom scythes, 4+ jackals, or a star pulse wave. none of which you can do in the starting fleets.

I actually really like not transferring ships. It's grown on me, because it makes repairing an actual strategic choice, and also results in me sometimes going into battle with damaged, or even heavily damaged ships, which I like. That would not happen with transfers. I would just build a fleet every time of all my undamaged ships. Would the game be a lot easier with ship transfers? absolutely. But that's not what I am looking for at all.

I am completely for just reducing the number of fleets in every campaign by 1, and then spreading the points cap and the resources to other fleets.