Campaign max difficulty too easy?

As the title says. Unless the difficuty settings effects are not implemented yet, it should be much harder to play on max difficulty imo.

I've captured the first sector in Imperium campaign having not lost a single ship(or using emergency warp jump) and it was pretty easy. Would it be possible to increase (base?) enemy fleet power by 50% at least?

Max difficulty in the first game was much better imo.

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@bersercker from what the live stream said it get exponentially harder as teh the fleet sizes grow.

Well, idk. Even if its true, having the first ~20 missions be an extended tutorial is understandable for normal difficulty but not the maximum one.

As it is, i'm not too keen on playing imperium campaign on release if the difficulty is not increased. Because i'll have to grind through these same missions that i've already played while facing zero challange from the AI, hence having no fun.

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I think that the difficulty didn't really matter much in this beta, because all the enemy could bring were light cruisers and escorts. Maybe when we get into other sectors and the enemy starts bringing the big boys the difficulty difference will be noticeable.

I agree, but I think, what would make a big difference, is if the enemy could really start out building fleets themselves and harass you with them from the start. Untill you reach your first rank up, the enemy just hangs around in their systems, which means you can prepare really easily and just obliterate them. Having the enemy attack, forcing you to fortify and defend right from the start would not only push your level up higher, but also create more dynamic in the campaign. But it's hard to say from just playing in one system, I don't even know how many systems you eventually work on conquering.

AI in general in this game is completely lacking.

Enemy AI ramming each other to death is what I would call, a 2019 game that doesn't know how to program basic pathing... And that can easily happen with own ships if you don't hold hands to all your ships, they will clang each other to death also.

That is just about the pathing.

In general the AI has absolutely no tactics programmed in, for example skirmish with points -> AI just clumps from one point to another.
Then there is the match where, I was loosing by a lot but all the AI ships rammed themselves to death my drifting hulk..

In general the AI is max 2 lines of code...

@drunkbacongod ya i agree ive seen some terrible pathing issues. especially with the necrons in the campaign its like the ai doesnt know the hit boxes of their units.