i 'effed up my Whole everything.. do i have to buy a new game?

i 'effed up my Whole everything.. I have a habit of enjoying a smoke and going in and messing with Everything. if i can get the file open i probably have messed with it(changed info). now i believe that i might of corrupted the place where my info goes when it sync's, [wherever that is].. I have done everything that is out there for resetting instructions . twice..
. i know that it is not the Game, i did this.. .. do i have to just buy a new game?.. and open a new Steam account???? or can my sync spot (online) be cleared/wiped? thank you in advanced for any thoughts Rufus
PS; i Don't have a good backup file, i put all my stuff on One drive, and reset the Whole PC. One drive lost/can't find all of my saved info. that's my day

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If you know your Steam login info, you should be able to re-download the game without having to buy it again...

What info and syncing are you talking about?

As above, the license to install and play the game is attached to your Steam account. Unless you removed the game from your Steam account (not your computer) you can't fix anything by buying the game again, not that you can buy a Steam game twice anyway.

You don't really explain what your issue is, though, so it's not really possible to help.

dude just reinstall game what u on about

the biggest problem is I've been pouring a ton of time into mapping.. love it!! recently i cannot get my map to open in game.( "the transfer is working, i can see the map grow visually, in the select a map screen(s). that eliminates the path in the config file being the issue. because it is getting to the game."*) the game 'gives the missing-broken-out of date message all the time now.(3 days) I've slowly and by all the instructions given, done everything to rectify this. ( many times) it still will not play a level that i create in the editor. there a still some 8-10 minute load/rebuild times. even with the 4GB patch. i have also during the reinstall's not added any mods/tweaks. with no luck there. i'm just at a total loss , i can't test my map, Rufus

If you have your config.xml set up properly, you should just have to copy/paste your map's DDS and STG files from the editor\levels directory into your game\levels directory...
Also the files MUST be named "level_yourmap.dds" and "level_yourmap.stg" (obviously replacing the yourmap bit with the actual name of your map) otherwise the game won't recognize them.
Hope this helps a little! 🙂

Also the old/missing/broken error usually indicates that there's something custom in the map that isn't in your game...
For instance if I add 01_rock_spun as a model in my map in the editor, but I don't have that model's files copied to the appropriate classes/meshes/textures directories in my Mudrunner game folders as well, I get that error...

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THANK YOU Mex_420 !!! i dumped a couple of model packs into the editor, and not to the game.... that's what was getting me cranked-up, because Everything was proper (except for going thru the cached models in the editor. And thru all the re-installs, the game lost access to those custom models.) thank you again, i could not find any info similar to your's any where. ONCE AGAIN THE FORUM AND THE GREAT GROUP OF MODDERS, HAVE SAVED MY DAY!! Rufus
ps the stupid zoom thing is back now, it keeps maxing out right off the screen : (

Anytime my friend, glad to help! I get that camera zoom issue as well if I click the "center camera" option, no idea why though...

@rufus This happened to me as well. Go into your media folder and delete anything under media.zip/cameras

I've had this same issue

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