We already knew Necron subfactions were getting ignored (hell they left our pirate crons but put their name on some ships) but come tindalos at least get the colors right! Sautekh, the Necron faction that specializes in bein very Necron, is lore wise green and silver. Instead, we get red and reddish black on their capitalships. Thokt is correct shipwise, but their gauss and such is supposed to be blue as all their weapons are blue, but they aren’t in game. Temmeryn is a beautiful green and the nepheru are a bit to close to the same for comfort, but that is okay. Charnovokh is where it goes back to wrong. Charnovokh colors are deep blue and more deep blue, getting more blue the more important something is, with the Phaeron being midnight blue. I would see it being shown as escorts being kinda blue, and BBs being very deep blue. Instead they have the generic black-green hull and some orange and grey highlights on the decretive bits (ex:cairn blade around ship). Mephrit is a bit to light orange, and lack correct colored weapon discharges. Also, instead of blue and gold nihilakh is green and gold in game.

Strangely, when I played Sautekh again they changed to full Novokh colors, and I remember them once being white and red (which is still wrong) so I an not sure what’s going on. Either way I have yet to get correct colorations for the above factions, so something is up.