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I've recently converted a couple of mods from the original Spintires, and all appears to have converted ok, apart from the driver and the shafts. A fix for the shafts would be great, but really it makes no real difference on the face of it, so no major need for that yet.

The issue I would like to fix is, for some strange reason the driver's arms flail about when driving as if he is turning steering a 3 metres wide steering wheel, and his hands clip through the vehicle when I move the vehicle in any direction. The dash GUI also has this issue, it swings forward and backwards out of the cabin when I attempt to drive anywhere. If the vehicle is not moving, there isn't an issue, its only when I accelerate or brake. I originally thought it could be down to the parent frame that the driver is attached to, but after experimenting with a few different lines of code, I can rule that out. It appears it is just the drivers arms that are effected by this issue as the rest of the driver is performing as normal.

I've looked at the stock and other trucks code that have the driver present and have made sure that the code is the same in the converted truck, and I still get the same issue. The best way to remedy this is to just remove the driver, but I do prefer to have the driver in the truck.

Anyone know what could be causing this?

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Is this even the correct place on this forum for this type of enquiry? or is there somewhere else on here I should have posted this?

Yes it's the modding section.

Might take a while for people to respond though, so don't be put off 🙂

@digital-x It's all good mate, this is quite a strange issue, so probably not too many people will know the resolution, if at all.

I have been doing some further research today and may possible know the cause so will update the thread if I have any luck.

Thanks again for your replies.

Sadly I cannot help there matey. I have barely been modding two weeks so everything is quite alien to me. Also coding is not my forte.

I've made objects for the map editor and a mock up truck that is in game but that's it. Conversion however is way over my head.

I don't know what's up with your issue.

But I did just have the driver glitch out on me. I noticed his head had suddenly disappeared. So I went in for a closer look.

This is what I saw.
Ummmm...I'm not sure exactly what he was trying to do there, with his head stuck down there between his legs like that. I can think of a few things. None of them "good". Especially while driving...

Right hand on steering wheel, left hand scratching his head...or something...between his legs.

@digital-x Its all good mate, thank you for your comments anyway. I've been modding for ST for a few years, only personal stuff though really.

@MudHappy haha, that is bizarre, must be something very interesting down there for him to feel the need to scratch his head! To be honest though, I would also be left scratching my head as to why my head is like that too! lol. That driver situation used to happen to me in ST if I hit something too hard, haven't yet had this happen in mud runner yet though.


So I have been trawling through lots of code (vanilla and modded trucks for comparison) can't seem to figure out what is causing this.. Its like the drivers hands and cockpit GUI is some sort of hinge like a mud flap.

I've uploaded a video:

Youtube Video

I've had to keep it short and low quality to save upload times.. Anyway, you can kinda see his hands moving forward and backwards like a swing.

If I manage to fix it or make any more headway, I'll update the thread..

So I have managed to find a fix. I can't explain exactly how it works but it does.

In the Classes XML for the truck, all that is needed is to edit the last entry within the "PhysicsModel" section of the coding.

In my case the 2 trucks had the following:
AxisLocal="(0.0; 0.0; 1.0)"

The ModelFrame line (in bold) is what caused the problem. I changed whatever was in there originally, with the same frame parent that is used for the driver. So far this works for both the driver and the cockpit display.

This has worked with the 2 trucks I have converted, so its a good idea to check this if you are having the same issue I was.

On to another strange occurrence - The water appears to be rendering differently in the cab than outside - almost like the shaders aren't working as they should when in the cab.

Here are some images:

alt text

alt text

The difference doesn't appear too different in the images, but it is much more prominent in-game. Also the water only seems to render a short distance from the camera in the cab, where as out side it looks as it should from a distance.

The water renders correctly in the stock trucks' cab view so there must be something I am missing, or haven't corrected. There is nothing obvious to me that I should be doing in the code etc that could be causing this so it would be interesting to know if anyone else knows a fix.

I now know why no one else had this water rendering issue, it was because of a Steam download caching issue which meant that my game was stuck on the December version of the game. Once the cache was cleared the game updated and the water problem disapeared.

If anyone wants a tutorial on how to convert a ST mod, MudHappy has created a very useful topic with video to boot.. Link below:

I also made a tutorial that was originally made for someone on here but I've updated it to be a bit more general which can be found here:

@joridiculous I know what caused that colourfulness glitch for me. Its when there are texture files or models that take up too much memory.

It happened to me when I used 4k textures. I reduced the size of the textures and its never happened since. It's also the reason why bridges and things like that appear invisible. I've also noticed it on maps that feature 3rd party models that are poorly optimised for STMR.

regarding the water problem I had, it's funny because I was going slightly insane trying to figure out what was going on. but its fixed now so all good!

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