Last Stand type game mode and other Coop Games modes..

Hey peeps..

So like DOW 2 did, a last stand type mode, it was loads of fun IMO. I thought it would also work well in BFG. What would be your thoughts on how a last stand type mode would work?

This should be from 1-4 players. This game mode can go in a few different ways.

Option A-

This options starts players with either an escort or light cruisers. While going on with waves of enemies the players gain ship upgrades through each wave to a point where they will upgrade their entire ship to the next class. So from example light cruiser, to cruiser, from cruiser to battle cruiser, to battleship, with the exception of certain races who don't have battle cruisers. Upgrade options would be needed for this until all players reach a wave in which they get battleships.

Though this option, while the simple repair button may have quite a bit of cool down, I think it may not be enough or balanced enough for players to engage enemy targets as they get stronger through the mission. I believe something like picking up HP through random drops, or perhaps a super shield recharge, or repair party might be needed.

Another idea about repairs, or upgrades could be warping out for 30 seconds or so (hoping your team can hold them off) and warp back in repaired/upgraded.

Game could either have a maximum level, or keep going and just see how long you, and or your team could last..

Option B

Players start with their ship of choice

Upgrades only come from ending battles via XP earned through battle. Though repairs would still need to be one as option A, because the same problem still exists, over time there could be simply too much enemy at every single angle and make it no chance at all to pass a level. There would have some be some margin of chance if its even 1% of chance to pass the wave.

Option C

Players are limited to certain ship type pop limit. As in.. only 1 player can play a battleship class vessel, and everyone else is limited to certain class limits. etc.

Anyone have any thoughts to the idea of a last stand mode in BFG, or any other kind of coop modes, games etc.

Uuuuh. Dont think Last stand translates well to BFGA....

Just keep it simple and focus on coop campaign.

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