Hello, I would like to give my impressions on the game so far, though because I prefer single-player I will focus on that a lot more.
I would also note that I haven't touched the Necron campaign as of yet.

I'd like to preface what will be mostly criticisms by saying that I love the game and am very, very eager to play it more upon release,
and overall I am extremely pleased that it lived up to my expectations and more.

Overall impressions
Music and sound are awesome.

  • ❤ The choice to not include certain melodies in the in-game rotation of music (Such as the theme that plays when the title of the game appears at the end of the tutorial) allows it to be fresh and full of impact when it is played.
  • ❤ Enjoyed all the voice acting.
  • ❎ I recall hearing at some point that different subfactions (Battlefleet Solar,Astertes Chapters) will have a few unique dialogue responses/lines during combat so far I haven't heard any.

Graphically the game is mostly amazing.

  • ❤ All the new maps and the collosal structures are breathtaking.
  • ❎ Sometimes in certain ships (Astartes Cruiser comes to mind) appear to have very muddy textures even on the highest settings when viewed in the docks, but only in specific areas (I assume it's a bug).

Customization options are better and worse.

  • ❤ Greater number of admiral Icons is greatly appreciated.
  • ❤ Presence of all subfactions is very pleasing.
  • ❤ Thank you for including the Iron Hands.
  • ❤ Renaming ships in Singleplayer is lovely, so is the ability to switch flagship.
  • ❎ So far I saw no ability to customize ship's appearances as with last game's favor points, which is a shame.
  • ❎ Lack of cosmetic customization for individual ships and even fleets is not so great.(There is a chance that these options exist in the Multiplayer Hangar but the game freezes indefinately when I try to open it so I can't know, and in singleplayer hangars do not give the option to change appearance.
  • ❎ Lack of ability to have captains per ship is slightly disappointing.
  • ❎ No ability to view Admiral's portrait during battle, even when selecting the flagship.
  • ❎ Could not see if I can rename ships in Multiplayer due to bug in hangar mentioned earlier, if not that would be mildly disappointing.
  • ❎ Leveling up a faction in multiplayer often gives portraits of other factions, which is frustrating. I would recommend simply giving faction or even sub-faction portraits priority, and only unlocking other faction's portraits when current one's are all unlocked.

General Gameplay

  • ❎ I would like to have the ability to see a ships' fuel gague without selecting it, the same way you can see morale and health.
  • ❎ Point capture is too prevalent and can often feel like a cat-and-mouse game, gamemode veriety can aleviate that.
  • ❎ I was hoping the increase in ships-per-battle would be bigger than the increase from BFG1 to BFG2 as it currently is.

Single-Player Campaign


  • ❤ Love the cutscenes, character interactions and voice acting.
  • ❤ Thank you for bringing back Spire.
  • ❎ Some of the cutscenes have the character's movements too obviously warped, such as speaking, It is not bad, but it is noticable.
  • ❎ Parts of cutscenes feel as though they could be relegated to in-game dialogue with portraits without losing much in the process. In the past game every cutscene felt perfect while here some are not so much, though the sheer amount usualy makes up for it.
  • ❎ Some cutscenes have artwork that is of lower quality than others. Not a big problem, but noticable.

General Dialogue and story

  • ❤ A great deal of voiced dialogue from more of the subfactions, and a larger cast of unique characters are all a very, very good thing.

  • ❤ Lore bits for planets and other points of interest on the map is appreciated and means a lot.

  • ❤ Extra dialogue for succeeding in secondary objectives in story missions is satisfying.

  • ❤ Extra dialogue for failing optional/main objectives is also appreciated.

  • ❎ It's a minor shame that after aquiring several admirals who appeared to be characters in the story (such as Fabricator Cambrius) due to them being voiced,
    for the rest of the campaign I heard no further dialogue from them, or any involvment in the story even when brough along to story missions. There is a chance this will change as the campaign progresses but so far I cannot tell.

Single-Player Gameplay

  • ❤ I enjoy the addition of capture points, it gives me a reason to use escort ships which I never touched in the first game,
    and helps increase the challange just enough for the game to never get boring from being too easy.
  • ❤ The new Sector map and other sectors in future is an amazing addition, I love everything about it.
  • ❤ The general idea of an urgency timer is a good one, and in several occasions forced me to be more active on the map thus keeping a good pace to the game,
    as well as add the feeling of imminent doom that works well in 40k.
  • ❤ The ability to steal Battle Plans from enemy flagships is great, and is a really good interpertation of the first game's intelligence missions.
    Without being a primary objective Battle Plans cease to be frustrating and become an extra bonus for tryhards like me.
  • ❤ Capturing and upgrading planets and points of interest is great, and adds a lot to the overall strategy.
  • ❤ Though at times slightly confusing, the shipyards and ship construction are fun and a good addition.
  • ❤ Admiral skills in addition to individual ship levels are great.
  • ❤ Ability to construct defences for systems is good, and the fact that they do not impact upkeep is a great incentive to use them over buying more ships.
  • ❤ Highly specific or situational bonuses from planets are fun, and the many lore-descriptions for them are great too.
  • ❎ I am not able to bind a single ship to several control groups simultaneously. I often like to have group 1 select ALL ships, and the other numbers be for the other groups.
  • ❎ The threat meter is not explained well, and it's effects are rarely seen in the Cadian Sector.
  • ❎ Threat level might be increasing a little too fast, and in general I would approve of an option to turn it off or change it's rate
    for other people's cconvenience.
  • ❎ Cardinal World's -1 to threats doesn't seem to do anything
  • ❎ General confusion between the terms 'Threat' and 'Urgency'
  • ❎ Would appreciate a tip saying you can find all past tutorials in the 'help' part of the menu.
  • ❎ The game at times feels like it really needs a glossary with detailed explanations for things, all put in 1 place.
  • ❎ Agri worlds seem to have very unfavorable upgrades, and are always last on the upgrade list, and seeing as in the final game I will be perssing into other systems I doubt I will ever upgrade them.
  • ❎ I would have liked to be warned about ship upkeep, rather than learning it the hard way.
  • ❎ I would like to be able to see a ship's upkeep when building it, as well as how much upkeep I will lose by selling it.
  • ❎ I cannot see an ability to sell or disband a fleet, even one I created. I foresee some troubling situations that people could find themselves in.
  • ❎ I don't have the ability to move ships between fleets, even fleets of the same type. This forces me to sell old ships rather than use them for backup, and feels wasteful.
  • ❎ The 'Guard position' button doesn't have any explanation as to what it does, and unless it adds some sort of stat-benefit to using it, seems pointless.
  • ❎ Currently many upgrades are not shown on the tooltips, but in future I would like those upgrades (Level ups, planet bonus, Perks) to be visible and defined when you look at a ship in the hangar.
    What I mean is instead of showing me a ship with 250 shields, to show 200 shields +50 from X perk or 250 (200 + 50 from perk).
  • ❎ Capture points often feels arbitrary, and after a while every non-story match being the same objective can get tiresome, I would love to have different modes in addition to this one.
  • ❎ Capture points feels like a worse version of planetary bombardment from the first game. Though there are differances, planetary bombardment felt more lore-friendly as there is a good reason for such objectives and once reaching one you could see a small animation of the ship bombing the planet. If current point-capture was kept the same in terms for rules, but just had a small name change and added the same animation, I would consider it an improvement with no downsides. Alternatively simply giving the points some purpose in the lore will help make then feel less arbitrary.

⚠ A small UI bug, when inspecting a ship and opening the admiral perks window, the perks window appears but the UI for the ship (the one showing weapons, speed and perks) were still there and obscured the bottom part of the perk screen. Existing the ship-view prior to opening admiral level window works though.


  • ❤ I enjoy the progression and unlocking of perks, even if it can at times feel like lower levels are at a disadvantage from having less options.
  • ❤ I enjoy unlocking portraits.
  • ❤ I didn't play a lot of games but they were all fun.
  • ❎ Inability to customize multiplayer games in any way (Both cosmetic and functional) is a bad thing.
  • ❎ Inability to chat with players pre and post game is a feature I would welcome.
  • ❎ Matchmaking without the ability to browse and select servers is not good.
  • ❎ A lack of central chat room such as Dawn of War 2 is a shame.
  • ❎ 2v2 feels like you don't have enough ships.

I hope this was helpful and I would like to say once more, good work on the great game.
This is looking to be one of my favorite games of this new year, and one of the few games I feel excited to play.