World War Z - Videos, Artwork, and Screenshots

Survivors of the Great Panic!

Want to catch up on news about World War Z? Here is a handy post that consolidates all the most important videos, artwork, and screenshots we have shared of the game so far. We've split everything into sections, starting with:

The Horde
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Class Trailers
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Precise and deadly, the Crossbow fires explosive darts to clear your way through hordes and quickly pick off special zombies.

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As a skilled hacker, Bunko infiltrated the Department of Defense's computer network and detected signs of the coming disaster before it was made public. It gave her time to prepare.

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After his service in the Israeli Defense Forces, Daniel Alahey finally got to raise a family, but his peace was short-lived. After the virus took his wife and son, he dedicated his life to fight for humanity.

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After 16 years in the British SAS, Ethan was hired by the Mossad to advise on special ops. He was on a training base in the Negev desert when the infected stormed Jerusalem.

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After witnessing the horde coming over the walls of Jerusalem, photojournalist Judd Whitaker traded in his camera for a rifle.


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Bring destruction to the zombie horde - one C4 detonation at a time - with the Hellraiser class!

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While others get tired, the Slasher doesn’t relent in chopping up zombies, and in an emergency they can shock entire groups with the Stun Gun.

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The Gunslinger is the master of sustained firepower and shooting on the move. Make sure to keep popping those headshots for bonus effects.

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As the Medic, you are both destroyer of the dead and protector of the living. Use the stim pistol to save pinned down teammates from afar.

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Everyone's best friend, the Fixer, brings explosive ammo for the team and uses masking grenades to hide from the dead.

Art and Screenshots







For even more screenshots and media, check out the main World War Z website.

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How about perk icons and class icons? It will be very useful for people who create fan sites and wikis.

I was going to take a screenshot using MSI Afterburner, but somehow I started recording.
I got some good footage and I though I would share here.

World War Z - Roger that, rescue leader! We'll hold them off as long as we can!
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World War Z - I'm a zombie
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