Suggestion: Allow us to pick and choose from fleets when we enter battle in campaign.

When you have a group of warships going to the fight, the game auto-assigns you them if you have too many. Which, yes, is nice, but if I want to grab a bunch of Space Marines for a boarding action-heavy group, having just one CL is NOT a good time.

So a way to go "Okay, give me THIS from my Space Marine fleet, THIS from my Imperial Navy fleet, and THIS from the AdMech" would be very nice, as it fits as "Okay, I'm the Admiral, YOU go in first".

Technical feasibility unknown, but it makes lore-sense and would be a nice mechanic.

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is this regarding the campaign or multiplayer/skirmish?

Campaign, thank you for asking.

you should put it in the title to clear it up, it might confuse the devs/mods

I completely agree, having a point where you can pick the ships you want to join in a fight, makes a big difference. Of course, we're not even close to having really large battles yet, and I'm looking forward to seeing the real campaign and later on having much larger battles with a lot more ships.... But it would be great if you can pick the ships you want to have join a battle!

Totally agreed to this proposal.