[Feedback] Tyranids seem like the definition of OP

The problem with the Tyranids is that they seemingly have no weaknesses.

They kill you within moments as soon as they reach you, and they can hulk your ships from across the map with their invincible boarding boats. They're survivable enough to simply shrug off fleets pounding on them and have decent speed combined with a boost that can more than compete with the best of them.

Not to mention that instead of being a horde, their fleets are more often just 1-2 large ships which shrug off anything that can be thrown at them.

I would suggest that the Tyranids receive pretty large nerfs to their manoeuvrability (especially the boost), survivability and have their assault boat spam massively reduced. In return, the Tyranids should get slightly more accurate bioplasma cannons (which have terrible accuracy right now) in order to make them more rounded and a decrease to the cost of their lower tier ships in order to really make them feel like a massive horde of individually expendable organisms.

You can't shoot out their engine, they regenerate from citicals in 20 seconds, they have no moral, it's practically impossible to out board them, and they start cloaked.

They're only two weakness could be said to be ranged weapons and sniping their capital ship, but their pretty much immune to criticals taking out their ship systems since they're play style is centered around mobility, and they're is nothing you can do to stop or slow down a nid. They're fast enough to avoid most abilities and they can case down all but the fastest ships.

All pure carrier builds are very strong this beta. Nids simply have the most bays and the best synergy between their ordnance (assault boats) and ships (boarding, tentacles), so their carriers are completely overwhelming. Non-carrier nids are good but not overpowered, its very easy to reveal them with an escort or probe and then stay out of 4.5k while kiting.

if your going to nerf their speed nerf their regular movement
they need the rush to use their jaws

reducing their health/ armor and cost + reducing the troop damage they deal would be good.
it sucks seeing them empty my battle barge in just a few seconds

@ashardalon IMO their charge also needs to be toned down since it puts just about every other faction to shame and regens too quickly; they're supposed to be a vast expendable horde, so their answer to all this should be bringing more of their expendable ships.

@cool_lad eldar are faster and regens faster, 10 seconds faster, and goes as far
they need the speed for the rush and they cant really chase
if you want nids to be the ambush predators they are supposed to be they need to be able to rush from 4k and do damage
its already .5k into scanner range
they should move slow so that they need to set up to get into the 4k range, but if they reach that range they should be able to properly connect and use their coolest weapon