Keybindings Issue - stance keybinds activates different skills per ships in same faction fleet rather than the same stance everytime.

After trying to spend some time to really get a nice efficient set of hotkeys set I came across a serious issue.

Playing as Eldar Craftworld I wanted to bind keys so that each key would always do the same action, ideally across all factions and all ships.

Currently keybinds are assigned in a very unclear and confusing manner for the user.

stances for example are labelled as 1-4
They relate to the order in which the stance buttons are spread out in the bottom of the screen in battle UI.

The issue is that an Eldar light cruiser has 4 stances and an Eldar Cruiser has 3. The Light Cruiser has the ability to use 'running silent'.

The problem is that running silent is slotted into the second stance button on a light cruiser whereas on a Cruiser there is no option to run silent and so the second button activates runic targetting nodes

The effect is that the same keybind activates a completely different skill depending on which ship you have selected at the time.

when cycling through a fleet especially requiring a lot of micro to run efficiently this kind of problematic keybinding creates many problems.

0_1547846091764_keybind probs bfg 1.jpg

0_1547846154349_keybind probs bfg 2.jpg

The solution is to either have stance buttons displayed but greyed out so that the stances per faction always appear on the same button and thus can always be bound to the same action in game.

Each stance should be LOCKED to a specific button so s1 is ALWAYS Brace for impact, s2 is ALWAYS running silent, s3 is ALWAYS targettings Nodes/lock on and s4 is ALWAYS reload.

This would ensure that when a player has rebound and learnt that their 'z' key for example activates lock on they won't be activating running silent if they happen to cycle to a different ship with one less stance available.

This is the one example I have caught involving stances but with so many factions I am sure that this keybinding issue is an issue for other ships and other actions too.

Please can Tindalos double check all of their bindings to buttons and ensure that a single key can be bound that activates ONLY ONE action for a whole faction no matter the ship selected.

A final point regarding keybinds is that Outside of being in a battle there is no way to know what stance, command or action button does what and this should be made clearer in the fleet selection menu with all the hotkeys that each ship uses clearly visible and displayed.

I had to go into a skirmish vs AI match and pause the game to peer accross the ui buttons to try to figure out what button corresponded to what action in the controls menu and it was only then that I discovered this glaring issue.

I am pretty sure that their are other factions out there that have the same problem as the root of this issue is caused by not having specific keybinds to actions (eg binding a key to lock on/targetting nodes etc) but rather defining a keybind to its position on the UI which is filled with a different skill/action/stance depending on the faction or even ship currently selected.

Please Tindalos can you fix this for us. Thank you.

Feel free to add your keybind related feedback and issues to this thread.

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Good post. I also reported a while back that we should have visible key bindings in the icons... I think it was confirmed that you will be able to see what skill is bound to what key in the in-game interface at release.

Good point about abilities shifting on the bar between ship classes 🙂