The New England Ratriots cheating?

I posted this in the Steam Forums. Not sure how to report this sort of thing or if anything will get done about it. However, if people can introduce custom players to their teams whenever they want, the game will quickly lose its appeal.

"I was just browsing the COL Leaderboards and I noticed The New England Ratriots coached by FirstandGaol are ranked second or something with only a couple of losses. I thought I’d check out the team. At first glance, it seems nothing out of the ordinary. Three high-level players and the rest goblins. The blitzers, Snituk and Slinad Venom, are level seven with almost 200 spp each. They both have Claw, MB, PO, Jump Up, Guard and Tackle, not necessarily in order. Again nothing out of the ordinary, perfectly good choices for Storm Vermin, and a double each is not unusual. It was when I went to check the age of the players that I discovered something odd.

Both of them are 0 years old. Yes, that's right Snituk has played only 2 games despite his veteran status, while Slinad Venom has played a grand total of 4 games.

Furthermore Snituk has made 8 successful blocks and 91 casualties while Slinad Vernom has made 18 successful blocks and 89 casualties. If you look at the stats for all competitions, this is what it says, but if you click back to show the stats for Open Ladder 21 then the abnormal number of causalities disappears.

Going back through the history of the team reveals there to have been previous veteran level blitzers who have obviously been replaced after death or retirement. This must take some serious hacking of the game to achieve. How is this even possible?"

Team Lineup

Slinad Venom's Stats

Snituk's Stats

I'd suggest he levels his team against AI in leagues with Aging turned off. Which is very dull but not cheating.

Its been answered on the steam forums - can't remember the details - but the exploit is now fixed, and the teams got booted IIRC.