Computer freezes when loading campaign.

Tonight, I just tried loading an Imperium campaign that I was only 5 turns into from yesterday, when the entire screen froze. I had to power my computer off and back on. I also tried loading a Turn 4 auto-save, but got the same response. I read Focus Home Interactive's board post about how to report crashes, but I'm not actually seeing a crash log appear in the BattleFleetGothic2 local file.

I'm already disappointed with other aspects of gameplay that seem unbalanced or barely fleshed out, and tutorials and tooltips that are deeply lacking in explanation and strategic advice. But not being able to PLAY the game isn't something that I can just tough out, or go online to get advice for. I'm very perturbed that this is an issue just one week out from launch. What is the refund policy for this game? Can I still return it within 24 hours as per the Steam agreement? Or does having partaken in the Beta mean I have to return it before the launch to get my money back?

I have also just run into this issue. I tried the campaign for the first time yesterday, got to turn 4.
Today when I try to load it the game freezes. According to my task manager it had basically maxed out my memory and wasn't using much CPU anymore (but wasn't responsive).

If there is any specific information needed please let me know.

Ok I am still having this issue when trying to manually select a campaign to load, computer freezes with maxed out memory, but if I click 'continue campaign' instead of trying to manually select my save, then it does load quickly and without issue.