Reload Stance and Kin-Crewed Batteries do not reduce weapon cooldowns.

  • Ships in reload stance and Kin-Crewed Batteries have the exact same attack speed as ships in any other stance.

In the previous beta, the situation was Reload Stance reduced cooldowns by a flat 40% instead of increasing their fire rate by 40%, while kin-crewed batteries also worked in a similar fashion.

  • Example:
    A weapon has a 10 second reload.
    With reload stance, the reload becomes 6 seconds.
    This is effectively 66% more DPS.
    A full stacked kin-crew battery added an additional 50% cooldown reduction.
    The reload goes from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
    This is a 333% damage increase.

The bug is two-fold. Reload Stance and Kin-Crewed Batteries simply do nothing right now.
The second part is either the values need to be tweaked, or the tooltip adjusted so it is clear exactly how each of these function. Based on current tooltips, its not clear ships will deal triple damage with a fully stacked Kin-Crewed Battery in reload stance.