Dark Eldar

that stealth mechanic is already pretty OP but being able to shoot from ranges and boost away before being caught is absolutely maddening, its gotten to the point I insta surrender when I fight them.

target their engines to shut em down, bring escorts to mark them, use bombers/fighters. stay in a clump.

@korvre see the issue with that is you need to know you are fighting them to use that strategy. You need to bring a bunch of escorts because their DPS will shred at least a few and carriers. If you bring a brawler or balanced fleet, or any other strategy because you don’t know who you will be fighting, you are just kinda doomed.

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Yeah, if we could know the faction that we go up against, many things that are now considered op would not be so bad. You could prepare for them. In BFGA1 it worked well: you could choose your factions (not your ships) and then queue up for a match.

@aram_thehead the only problem with that is certain factions just have hard counters (see, Necrons vs lances/nova) but if they get some work that might even out. It would certainly be better than running into Druhkari with a battleship build.

It would just be cool if you could say, make three fleet templates for one faction, so when you know who you're up against, you can pick your desired fleet accordingly!

@nemesor-xanxas No you don´t need to know who you are fighting. You just need to know that you should always be bringing 2 to 6 escorts. That is just part of a balanced fleet in this game. It´s not just for Dark Eldar it is also for Nids and any player that decides they want to do some kiting. Even Tau or Chaos can just sit in a gas cloud and without escort you will be totally recked if you don´t have escorts to scan them. If you don´t have escorts you have a bad build.

@aram_thehead If we knew who we would play against people would just try to out counter each other instead of making well balanced fleets. Right now a balanced fleet has a good chance against everything. Except Nids of course but they are getting massively nerfed.

@lino is it that bad to counter each other? I'd personally be ok with it, to be honest.

I had 4 escorts with extended range. they can just rush and kill escorts then leave. After that it's gg. You would need like 15 escorts to keep them in vision all game.

Also clumping up is a mistake cause they will win via points, as they are much faster and you cannot know where they will go. And splitting is a mistake cause they will gang kill whatever you split.

In general I don't see most fleets countering this. I know, cause I was playing a Druhkari carrier fleet and lost 1 game cause I wanted to see if I could 6vs1 the necron flagship. Turns out I shoulda just kept running around being a stealthy f****, woulda won all games today on it.

@aram_thehead Well I could see it being way more annoying than occasionally running into a build you cannot deal with. Say you are playing Dark Eldar or Nids. Suddenly every enemy will field a dozen escorts probes and maybe even vision upgrades. They would get completely recked. While other factions would probably not be affected too much since there is just no direct hard counter. It would probably mess up the balance beyond saving.

@lino maybe you're right. I'm used to Total war Warhammer where countering each other works pretty much in both directions, however the example that you gave me actually explains why in this game it would actually not be as good as I thought. Thanks for the clarification

@aram_thehead Well in TW the factions are lot less asymmetrical so it works out. Though even in that game a dwarfe vs wood elve match up is a night mare for the wood elves because of the magic resistance for instance.

@nemesor-xanxas that is a good point. but if in a balanced fleet comp you will prob have atleast some. playing tau could also help with all the free escorts

i like the everyone protests idea and just surrenders as soon as they see dark eldar or nids are fielded... ban them by default balance achieved.

So far I only lost the one game on Druhkari, and that was because I was testing full frontal. I stopped playing them now, it's kinda boring.