Carrier builds are the only meta in this beta.

This is going beyond feedback. This is very important for the balancing parts. This whole forum is covered with posts regarding carrier fleets. Its ridiculous. Attached you can find a screenshot. 5 cruisers against 6 DE carriers. Guess what?

At least do something with the defense turrets, or lower the damn hp on these things. It getting beyond frustrating, to the point in which you might as well wait for the release of the game and hopefully then some changes are made to this broken fleet system.


Here is maybe some constructive feedback. When you recapture a drifting hulk, why not staff it with the boarding value?

So if you use a battleship to stock a cruiser, you get 8 manpower instead of 2.

@jd751 this is a really good suggestion in my opinion. It might not change the meta though.

@aram_thehead It will certainly nerf Nids a good bit as feeding tentacles just instantly destroy retaken ships.

boarding drifting hulks is almost always useless. 1/10 games if you board and have time to get morale back and conscripts. 9/10 games you board your hulk, then it will mutiny due to low morale and staffing.

@JD751 actually that screenshot might have been me playing against you... I was running 6 DE carriers for 2 days straight... Sorry about it, I stopped doing it boarding is too broken to play right now..

Can we counter that boarding meta by using more Escorts ? Escorting our big ships can add some defence turrets to fire at the incoming boarding shuttles. Also as boarding gets a cooldown, it is not the more efficient way to destroy small ships.

actually numbers disagree. winrate stats indicate rush and board seems to be the meta with orks space marines and tyrannids having the highest winrate. Carrier and long range factions like mechanicus Chaos Tau Merchant and Tau protector are in fact in need of very slight buffs due to their awful winrate (44 42 45 and 45) with respect to boarding rush factions tyrannids orks and space marines (71 56 and 48 respectively).

recommend appropriate nerfs to each faction in order to bring their winrates in line along with a buff to the former

edit: boarding meta is too strong though. may need appropriate nerfs

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Haven't seen your thread before making mine. My suggestion is to add splash damage to turrets so that it would be hard to board\bomb several ships in close formation, but easy to overwhelm isolated ships.

all i know is that when they had brace at 100 percent carriers were pretty much unusable so were walking a fine line here. probably better to go for values over buffing turrets or what not. reduce the amount of fighters a launch bay launches or reduces their dodge but dont buff turrets lol carriers should be viable not necron class err i mean over priced garbage like they were in the last beta.

@hadral Escorts aren't hardy enough to survive being actual escorts, just scouts.

@gbem Make a distinction on carrier based fleets and long range fleets. Long rage currently is very micro based, but carrier is clicking on a ship and then running away from range.