I got a Customize problem

So i just bought this game and I've got the Beta Reward (T-Shirt) but the problem is i was played this game even on the Alpha stage.. I know there is a alpha reward too.. i can prove it if need to
there is anyway to help me with that?
EDIT !!! :
After 17 days they have been fix my customization problem
now w8ing for my 2nd

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Please at least answer me

Hello @ZalManTM,

Can you give me your Steam ID, please? I'll pass this on to the team!

@chaton I send you my steam profile and steam id on PM

@chaton BTW there is another thing.. I cant change my name ingame even in a match my name is literally nothing.. (you can see in 1st and 2nd images i actually dont have a name

Thanks for the screenshots. I've already forwarded them to the team!

@chaton Im assuming no answer from "the team" ?

Hey @ZalManTM,

Thanks for pointing this out again. This has been sent to Vostok, and they're investigating it!